Camp continues to inspire in Governor’s Harbour

GIVING BACK – For the second straight year professional basketball player and national team member Jaraun “Kino” Burrows invested his time to the Project Cay Camp held on Governor’s Harbor, Eleuthera this past week. He worked 30 campers on the island working on various skills. (PHOTO: JOHN-MARC NUTT)

Thirty campers in Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera benefited from the second annual Project Cay Camp held this past week. 

For the second consecutive year professional basketball player and national team member, Jaraun “Kino” Burrows paid a special visit to the camp in an effort to give back to that community.  The camp has been hosted by the Chrone family, who reside in New Providence but are former residents to the island. 

Burrows, who also hails from Eleuthera, was particularly excited to have the chance to get reacquainted with kids on the island. 

“I was asked by them (Chrone family) through a friend of mine, my trainer, that they needed somebody to come to Eleuthera and do the sports program during the third or fourth week of July,” Burrows disclosed, “Seeing that my entire family is from Governor’s Harbour on my father’s side .. .I’ve always wanted to come back and give back to the Governor’s Harbour area and the entire Eleuthera. I felt this was a wonderful time to come back and spend some time with the kids.”

The France LNB Pro A League standout acknowledged that he could identify with the campers and what it’s like to grow up on the island of Eleuthera. He furthered that he was simply happy to be able to spend some time with the campers before he reported for duty back in France. 

“It’s wonderful for me before I head back to France to give back to these young kids. It’s just great to be able to mix and mingle with some of the locals here. They all have such great history on me and my family and a lot of them know me from when I was a baby. So being home in Governor’s Harbour on Cupid’s Cay is unbelievable.”

Although it’s only his second year being a big part of the yearly camp, Burrows noted that there is a lot of potential for the camp to expand and once the kids take advantage, the possibilities will be endless. 

“Basketball is such a global sport and there so many opportunities involved. With the camps and the clinics you’re going to have some that go off and play high school and college ball. But a lot of the other ones who come to this get disciplined, get the structure and team bonding and the options to do things with other kids that they wouldn’t normally get in certain environments.

“A lot of these kids come from tough backgrounds. I could never give what the game gave me but I could give these kids  all I have,” he concluded.” 

Earlier this month, Burrows reached an agreement on a contract extension with his Fos-Sue-Mur Provence Basketball Byers.

In his first full season with the club, Burrows averaged 13.9 points on 61.5 percent shooting from the field and 5.1 rebounds in just over 25 minutes per game.

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