Brent Burrows shines at iRecruit Showcase

MOST OUTSTANDING – Brent Burrows, second right, was the most outstanding prospect at the May 4 held iRecruit Athletic and Academic College Recruiting Showcase held in Nassau, New Providence. Burrows is expected to receive a full-scholarship in the aftermath. He is pictured with Full-time College Recruiter for iRecruit Kimberley Sweeting, second left. Standing far left and far right are his mother and father.

Grand Bahama Little League standout Brent Burrows was the star of the recently held iRecruit Athletic and Academic College Recruiting Showcase held in Nassau, New Providence.

63 Bahamian prospects, including nine female softball players from around the country were invited to the iRecruit College Baseball and Softball Showcase on May 4, staged at the JBLN Baseball Park. The Piranhas’ infielder was the most outstanding player out of the bunch. His exit velocity (speed of ball coming off the bat), his sprint in the 60-yard dash and infield velocity stood out to be the most impressive.

With Sherwin Williams Paint Bahamas serving as the title sponsor of the Showcase they are expected to pay Burrows’ full scholarship to whichever college he is recruited to in the future. 

“Burrows really stood out. He had everything we’re looking for out of all the kids there. He was the most well-rounded which is going to make it easier to have him placed into a school,” full-time college recruiter for iRecruit, Kimberley Sweeting shared.

iRecruit Athletic and Academic College Recruiting is based in New Providence. The full-time college recruiter partners with NLI scouting, located in the United States, who often assists with the Showcase and creates profiles of top prospects.

With Burrows’ performance being such an eyeopener for scouts his scouting video can now be seen by 1,300 schools, which Sweeting explained is all a part of the recruiting process.

“So what they did is they came down and video taped all of the participating kids. So what they will do now is make a profile of him and everything that he did. That video will be sent out to 1,300 schools. The schools will then come back to us and say whether they love him or have room for him or can offer him a scholarship,” she explained. 

Although Sweeting acknowledged that the pool of recruits is not as large as a country like the Dominican Republic, she believed strongly that their recruitment pool will always be filled with quality players scouts would be impressed with. 

“We don’t have a large pool like the Dominican Republic. They can take a bunch of athletes, even in pro ball, pay $1,000 for each kid, place them somewhere to train and whoever makes, makes it. We have a small pool but it’s a pool of quality which means they are great athletes. So they (colleges) are willing to give scholarships for these kids. 

“If you have not only an athletic ability but academic ability you can get a free ride. It’s important that we tell the kids that because it would really save families a lot of money because if you can incorporate both you can go off for free.”

Sweeting wanted to ensure that Burrows could celebrate with some family members here in Grand Bahama before Sherwin Williams made the official presentation to the Grand Bahamian prospect this past Thursday, May 9 over in New Providence. The presentation was made at Sherwin Williams’ brand -new store location. 

The company’s involvement with the Showcase stemmed from their International Department’s search around the Caribbean for persons helping out around their communities. It was there they discovered iRecruit’s efforts with baseball and softball athletes. 

“They called me up and said they wanted to sponsor the entire Showcase and paid for everything we needed. The international director flew down to be with us and provided gifts for the kids and have paid the fee for him (Burrows) to have an international scholarship. 

“They also told me that if the Showcase goes really well, they would continue to sponsor the Showcase. They also sponsored 25 gallons of paint toward refurbishing the Pinewood Park.”

An official date for the next iRecruit Showcase has not been disclosed, however it is expected to be hosted here in Freeport, Grand Bahama. Showcases were also hosted back in the months of October and December. Sweeting expressed that while helping her players get discovered makes everything worthwhile, her greatest accomplishment has been getting coaches on one accord with her vision.

“My biggest feat out of all this is having everybody in once place without any arguments or discord. The unity is what I’m looking for. We’re not here to take anything away from anybody, we’re here to give these kids an opportunity,” she concluded.   

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