Barcelona men remain in first place Chelsea ladies now tied for second

Standings after week five of the Grand Bahama Champions Soccer League

The men of Polymers’ Barcelona are rolling after their latest win this past Sunday in the Grand Bahama Champions Soccer League at the YMCA soccer pitch.

Now the winners of three-straight games, which include a victory over the defending champions of the men’s division, FOCOL’s Real Madrid, Barcelona sits in first place with a record 3-1-1 in the win, draw and loss column. Their third straight victory came by way of a shut out over Municipal Motors’ Chelsea. 

A well-rounded attack led to a 4-0 win for Barcelona. Alejandro Cabasa, Ashlyn Noralus, Andre Levarity, and Dwayne Gayle were the goal scorers in that contest. 

Barcelona will have their hands full this coming Saturday, June 8, when Real Madrid looks to avenge that week three loss to the current first place team. Barcelona defeated Real Madrid, 2-1. That contest takes place at 4:30 p.m.

Meanwhile in the women’s division Pharmachem’s Chelsea pulled themselves into a tie for second place with Paradox’s Real Madrid this past Sunday. Both teams now hold a 2-0-3 record. 

Chelsea got their second win of the season at the expense of Subway’s Barcelona, by a final score of 2-0. Phoebe Wilson led the way by scoring both goals. 

This coming Saturday, Chelsea will go head-to-head with Real Madrid, with second place on the line. Their match kicks off at 2:30 p.m. 

On Sunday, June 9, the women of the undefeated Sanitation Services Borussia Dortmund (5-0-0) will take on Barcelona at 2:30 p.m., followed by the men of Borussia Dortmund (0-1-4) aiming to get their first win of the season over Chelsea at 4:30 p.m.

Five weeks of the GBCSL are in the books and co-founder of the league, Mary Woodside-Knowles loves what she is seeing from both divisions. As this daily spoke with her during this past Saturday’s contests, she made special note of how much more competitive the men’s division has gotten in its second year of existence. 

“There’s been drastic improvement. Real Madrid dropped to third place last week and they hadn’t lost a game last year. So it speaks volumes about the improvement of the other teams. Real Madrid is missing one of their top goal scorers, Jay Philippe, from last year but they just have to adjust. 

“We have some amazing 13-15 year olds coming up and I’m hoping soon that The Bahamas (Football Federation) will be looking at them for national teams, because they are getting quality coaching here.

“It’s amazing to come out here any day of the week, Monday-Thursday and see three and four teams practicing.”

Coach Mary went on to share that the coaches have really made a special dedication to how they prepare their players week in and week out. 

“The coaches are very dedicated to planning their training. So you can see what they’re working on when you come out here and as a school teacher who had to do a lot of planning all her life I know the value of planning - it shows up in the game. It’s been amazing.

“As for the girls we’ve had some changing around as well. Real Madrid, their girls team is doing very well. It’s so nice to see the kids coming back from college and playing and that’s what we want. We want them to have a place to continuously play soccer.

“We even had a lot of men that came back to play in the men’s league - from the University of The Bahamas, Minnesota, Canada, all different places they’ve come back from. That’s one reason we like having a league at this time of the year. We get to enjoy and incorporate those college players.”

She concluded that mini academies for some of the younger players are in the works. 

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