BAAAs open season with Odd Distance Meet

ON DISPLAY — Heats Athletics was on full display at the recently held BAAA: Odd Distance Meet held on January 5 at the original Thomas A. Robinson Stadium.   (PHOTO: KERMIT TAYLOR/BAHAMAS ATHLETICS)

The new Bahamas Association of Athletics Associations (BAAA) jump started the track and field season with its annual Odd Distance Meet not too long ago.

This past January 5 at the old Thomas A. Robinson Stadium in the nation’s capital, dozens of track athletes flocked to get the ball rolling on their respective seasons.

The meet was highly anticipated according to current BAAA president Drumeco Archer. With a host of track clubs in attendance, the BAAAs was certainly happy to get an early look at the junior competitors ahead for their upcoming high school meets.

Archer, indeed, had high hopes for the event’s success and he was left nothing short of gratified at the turnout from the clubs and spectators, as they aim to breathe life back into the local track and field scene.

“I always thought that this was going to be the hit in setting the tone for this year’s season and this did not disappoint me,” Archer expressed, “I am fully satisfied with the turnout. The vibe that I got, I think people really enjoyed the experience here at the track meet and I couldn’t ask for more.”

One of the Team Be the G.O.A.T’s main mantras for their campaign was to ensure that when persons hear of an upcoming track meet, they are filled with a desire to be present and participate. The recently held meet tested new elements, including the incorporation of big names in the radio business, that turned out to be a hit as reported by the BAAA’s president.

“When we came into this administration we spoke about one specific thing: how is it that we’re going to bring people back into the stadium? We understand that we are competing with a number of different sporting events and we said there has to be an infusion of entertainment.

“I think that we hit the mark. It was a big hit. The crowd loved it. This was the first time I’ve seen the VIP stands filled to capacity that wasn’t a major competition. So that tells you what the anticipation would have been like.”

Archer certainly felt the meet set the tone for upcoming events. He was also overjoyed at seeing persons he is not accustomed to seeing at track events show up for the January 5 held event.

Philiper Arnette-Willie expressed that she hopes the BAAA’s continues to make track meets all around the country as exciting as the first meet of the year.

“This exceeded my expectations. I must say the BAAAs outdone itself with the flavor that we tried to bring at the Odd Distance Meet. Inviting the radio houses here to hype up the meet and get involved in meet presentation and the delivery; it was awesome.

“I’m sure the fans enjoyed it, the athletes enjoyed, I enjoyed it as an announcer. I definitely hope it continues and I hope the BAAAs continue to make such a presentation because it definitely brought a different twist and flavor to things.”

The media houses certainly took a liking to the first track meet of the New Year. Rika C., host of the “Midday Misbehavior on Hot 91.7FM shared the meet was a delight and was amazed by how hard the athletes competed from start to finish.

“I had an amazing time watching these athletes compete on the track, giving their all; even the ones that didn’t place first or second place. So, I have to send a shout out to the family members that came out and gave support for this great event. I feel more of our young people should get involved in this.”

Calling some of the races may have been new territory for the radio personality but she expressed that it was a lot of fun diving into the experience.

“It was a lot of fun. It was hilarious because I didn’t know the names of the track athletes. It was just a lot of fun. Everybody here felt like family and we could all joke about it. Even though I did not know some of the names the fact of the matter is we all came out, had a good time and that’s what counts.”

DJ Cres of 100 JAMZ spoke about his experience DJ’ing in a different environment and said, “It was very wonderful entertaining the athletes’ parents, brothers and sisters who weren’t in the track meet. Playing music from the 80’s straight to 2018 was great.”

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