BAAAs First Vice President assures organization in the wake of Hurricane Dorian

First Vice President of the Bahamas Association of Athletics Associations (BAAAs), Ravanno Ferguson

Many lives were impacted by one of the world’s most historical storms in the western hemisphere, including some of the island’s top junior athletes and coaches. 

In the wake of the catastrophic storm remembered as Hurricane Dorian, First Vice President of the Bahamas Association of Athletics Associations (BAAAs), Ravanno Ferguson assured that the federation will meet to forecast the future for track and field on the island. 

Since the passing of the storm back on September 2-3, many of the displaced junior athletes were welcomed in Nassau, attending various schools and have been given some sense of normalcy. 

Meanwhile, a few executives, who reside in Grand Bahama, were also tragically affected, including Ferguson. 

However, in a statement, he confirmed the BAAAs commitment of sports on Grand Bahama.

“In the wake of Hurricane Dorian we, the BAAAs, have found ourselves in a position of vulnerability as members and executives of the track and field community at large. A significant portion of the track and field family suffered the devastating effects of Hurricane Dorian. 

“I’m sure by now we have all heard the many horror stories associated with this natural disaster. Almost everyone on Grand Bahama Island has been affected or had someone close to them affected by this storm. This experience has been unreal for so many.

“Quite a few of our athletes have been displaced. Some have been welcomed to New Providence, where they have found schools to call home. Many have received scholarships in the capital and are making the adjustments to life away from home. 

“Other athletes have moved to the United States or have been offered international scholarships. We are currently doing our best to rebuild our track community as quickly as possible for those who were unable to relocate.

“Unfortunately, the BAAAs, the official governing body of track and field in The Bahamas, has not been able to meet to discuss plans for the Northern Bahamas as of yet, mainly due to the fact that several executives in Grand Bahama have lost everything and are in a current state of distress. 

“A councilwoman, an Assistant Chief Executive Officer and myself have all suffered significant lost.

“Our plan is to have a meeting in short order to discuss long term, short-term and mid-term plans to bring a sense of normalcy back to our track and field community. We also want to find ways to rebuild, regroup, strengthen and somehow use our beloved sport to help bring some economic growth to The Northern Bahamas.”

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