45 to be honored for their role in basketball

OZZIE ‘The Sports Insider’ SIMMONS

Ozzie Simmons 'Sports Insider'

1. Sports Insider to honor 45 basketball coaches, players, officials, executives and sponsors past and present on September 20, 2018 at the YMCA. Sports Insider Gold Medal of Honor.

2. Insider Top 5 Basketball Players in Grand Bahama:
Bookie Nesbitt
Basil Sands
Kenneth Smith
Jimmy Culmer
Ritchie Adderley
Coach: Gladstone ‘Moon’ McPhee

3. Sports Tourism is the way to go for Grand Lucaya and Grand Bahama.
4. Who is responsible for the upkeep of the Grand Bahama Sports Complex. Where is the Minister of State for Grand Bahama?

5. Insider Top 3 High School Basketball Teams in Grand Bahama 2018/19 Season
#1. St. Georges Jaguars, #2. Tabernacle Falcons, #3. Jack Hayward High Wildcats

6. Who is the Team of the Year?
Gymrats Basketball Team or
Falcons Basketball Team.

7. Will the Grand Bahama Sports Hall of Fame be back by 2019 Independence?
8. Sports Insider/Churchill Knowles Sports Executive of the Year nominees:
YMCA, Karon Pinder-Johnson; GBSA, Helena Cooper and GBSD (Soccer), Mary Knowles.

9. Grand Bahama Games on its way back by 2019 or 2020.
10. Sports Insider MP Sports Awards 2018 nominees:
MP Marco City
MP West GB
MP Central GB

11. Was a LeBron fan with Cleveland but had to go back to my old team the New York Knicks never a Laker.

12. Will my Dallas Cowboys make the NFL play-offs with any big-time receivers?
#It’s a wait and see!

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