Promoter Seifert goes after CBC Caribbean Zonal bout

Promoter Vincent Seifert is presently seeking to bring professional boxing activity, with a Commonwealth Boxing Council flavor, to The Bahamas.

Seifert, presently, is networking through The Bahamas Boxing Commission (BBC) with representatives of the Commonwealth Boxing Council to deliver a regional title bout. He is pursuing the Commonwealth Boxing Council Caribbean Zonal Lightweight Championship. Already, he is in possession of communications from the CBC Caribbean Zonal representative Steve Hiscock, and Guyana-based promoter Peter Abdool.

The two fighters lined up for the proposed regional encounter are Bahamian Super Featherweight Champion, Meacher Major and Gyuana’s Lightweight Champion, Dexter Gonzales.

Seifert has been on the national boxing horizon for quite some time now and indicated, “being relieved to be able to go after such a bout.” If he is able to put all of the pieces in place to officially satisfy the BBC, the CBC and the CBC Zonal Division, the result would be a shot in the arm of the national boxing program.

Major, is now a veteran fighter, with a 23-6-1 record. He is a past World Boxing Association (WBA) FEDICARIBE Lightweight Champion, who made his debut in 2000. At 35, Major would have an opportunity to add a rather nice element to his career resume.

The CBC Caribbean Zonal format is relatively new, but with the Commonwealth Boxing Council’s recent formal affiliation with the World Boxing Council (WBC), it now carries greater market value.

It will be necessary for an application to be made to the CBC for endorsement of the Caribbean Zonal match. The CBC representative will arrange with the promoter for the official belt to be secured, to be on display at the proposed match.
Currently, as aforementioned, Major is listed as The Bahamas Super Featherweight Champion. He would thus be required to move up a class to battle for the zonal crown. Edner Cherry is the Bahamian Lightweight Champion.
Gonzalez, is an up-and-coming Caribbean boxer, who carries an 8-2-2 record. He is a City Constabulary policeman in his native Guyana and is considered significant to that island’s boxing development program. The championship event would be the first boxing show under the jurisdiction of the new BBC administration.
Seifert is looking at February of next year, in order to have sufficient time to put the show together. Further details are to be announced.
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