PM, bring on The Bahamas Games!

Yes indeed!

This is the appropriate time to bring sports prominently into the big national picture, as the vast majority of the country’s residents are appreciative and in a bit of a reflective repose because of escaping the brunt of the massive Hurricane Irma, but nevertheless regretful of the damaged state of our southern islands.

So, the appeal goes out to Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis to give the official directive to bring back The Bahamas Games.

Several decades ago, my good friend Dr. C. B. Moss was one of the catalysts for the wonderful “Hands Across Bahamas” venture. The initiative captivated Bahamians throughout the archipelago.
Fantastically, for an all too brief period, we were one.

Several similar programs were tried subsequently, but none had the great national affect that Dr. Moss and his associates inspired.

Then, some years later, two late politicians, Peter Bethel and Dr. Bernard Nottage, among a few others, sold the idea of a national multiple-sports affair. Sir Lynden Pindling, he who was the architect of the first Ministry of Sports, was the nation’s chief executive at the time. Bethel was the sports minister.

Sir Lynden always had a special place in his heart for sports and it was not difficult at all to get his endorsement. Thus, the Bahamas Games was born. It brought Bahamians of all persuasions together. It was like a national homecoming affair.

Unfortunately, political directorates over the last 30 years somehow failed to give consistency to such a people-binding event.

Now, though there is a prime minister in place who presently is being complimented nationally for the quality response he has led to Hurricane Irma. His messages to the nation have been compelling and totally devoid of politics. On Monday, he visited one of the destroyed areas of the country, Ragged Island and no doubt recognizes that the nation is even more so, in need of binding together in order to give our sisters and brothers of the southern islands hope and to assist them in persevering.

Across societies throughout the world, the greatest common denominator has proven to be sports. Nations, faced with the pending situation of being at war, have paused to enjoy comradeship through sports.

So, the view here is that this is the time now to seriously engage in plans to bring back The Bahamas Games. I think such an announcement would be quite inspiring to all of the People of The Bahamas.

It is easily acknowledged that upon taking over governance of this country, PM Dr. Minnis and his colleagues met a lot of challenges. Accordingly, the pace in many government departments has been, let’s say methodical, and cautious. The time is right though for sports to play a necessary role.
The Bahamas Games, I think, is the appropriate medication at this time. Bring the Don of “Sports in Government” back. Reference is to Martin Lundy, the former long-time Director of Sports. It is my understanding that he is available and has been in talks with the new government.

Lundy’s wealth of sports knowledge and his unique sports planning capacity are ideal for coordinating the return of The Bahamas Games.

This is something that is doable.
Certainly, a nation would benefit.

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