National Sports Hall of Fame Week of activities falling in place

Kevin Colebrooke, Chief Sports Recreation Officer

The countdown is on for the November 23 National Sports Hall of Fame induction ceremony at Government House.
 Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture Lanisha Rolle is due back in office today, while Permanent Secretary Rhoda Jackson, I understand, will be taking a bit of a vacation. Also, Chief Sports Recreation Officer and former Acting Director of Sports Kevin Colebrooke is due to be out of office.

Yet, the beat goes on, no doubt with Director of Sports Tim Munnings and some of the other sports officers carrying the ball.

 The expectation is that, overall, there will be a grand week of activities, according to Colebrooke. He has been closely connected to the National Hall of Fame Program over the last decade or so and was responsible for leading the arrangements for this year’s affair, thus far.

“I go on leave but I can say that already on schedule is, of course, the November 23 induction activity at Government House; a courtesy call on Her Excellency Dame Marguerite Pindling, earlier in the week; a visit to the House of Assembly; and also, a tour of one of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force vessels,” disclosed Colebrooke.

He pointed out that more activities are likely to be added to the week’s schedule in due course.
The National Sports Hall of Fame event, though still short of the majestic level it deserves to be at, nevertheless, each year, makes up a prominent page of our nation’s history. Colebrooke spoke reverently about the program he has been closely associated with.

“We at the ministry think it is very important to identify these people and put them out there for the nation to see and appreciate. We want those who are still functioning to see and know, upon, whose shoulders they are standing on.

“It is imperative that they understand, who were the ones who paved the way in every aspect of national sports development in our land.

“It is my view that the National Sports Hall of Fame program belongs, deservedly so, at the very top of the sports ladder. There is nothing greater than being inducted into your country’s National Sports Hall of Fame,” said Colebrooke on Sunday as he provided an update.

For Colebrooke’s part, personally, he readily acknowledged the significance to his career, of being involved with the National Sports Hall of Fame.

“It’s been extremely enjoyable. It is a special feeling to be dealing with those who have been responsible for helping to build our society through their efforts, in various forms on the national and international stages. I can say that my relationship with the National Sports Hall of Fame program has been quite fulfilling,” said Colebrooke.

Presently, the ministry is soliciting nominees for the 2018 National Sports Hall of Fame Class. Coolebrooke has already received responses. A long list will be compiled and then broken down to a smaller group from which will emerge between 10-14 inductees.

Yes, indeed, the countdown is on for the 2018 National Sports Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Congratulations and best wishes to all those who have made considerable contributions to national building through sports!

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