National Sports Academy, a necessary item for brand

Dr. Hubert Minnis, Prime Minister (left) and Perry Christie, former Prime Minister

Continually, evidence unfolds that speaks to the political paradox called Perry Gladstone Christie.

The man has been prime minister twice and he was the architect of some worthy initiatives. On the general national scene, think of the proposed National Health Insurance; the glamorous Baha Mar Resort; the Fishing Hole Road Bridge in Grand Bahama; the new Thomas Robinson Stadium and the proposed Bahamas Sports Academy.

The latter is my focus today, once again.

The events of the last three weeks in Lima, Peru, directly, the XVIII Pan Am Games and Bahamian representation, point emphatically to the need for a National Sports Academy.

Such still remains one of Christie ‘s big dreams. Alas, as with other great ideas, he had it to do, and did not follow up.

Unfortunately, the aspect of Christie’s legacy, many will remember most, will be his inability to follow up, steer the process towards the full completion of great initiatives.

So here we are, several years removed from his last ouster from governance, and the specter of his failing hangs over the National Sports Fraternity.

Now though, it is for someone else to do.

The present prime minister is Dr. Hubert Minnis and hopefully he will note the need for a sports academy, or his trusted advisors would sensitize him to the situation.

The sports academy would be the appropriate gauge and guidance factor for national sports development. Accordingly, we would have sustained sprint relay success and many more of our athletes would advance to the elite status.

This is a call to arms in the nation’s sports family. The challenge therefore goes out to PM Dr. Minnis and his government colleagues to review what has been done about the sports academy initiative and follow up in the interest of enhancing the national sports brand.

Make it happen PM!

The nation would thus be able to benefit substantially from its sports commodity. Instead of a lone medal, a bronze, our representatives would consistently reap much more.

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