National Anthem” focus at sporting events urged

Sharon “The General” Storr and I have similar views on the way forward for sports in this country.

In his “2018 Sports Wish” outlook, Storr spoke to the need for The Bahamas Basketball Federation (BBF) to heighten its approach to efficiency and financial stability, through proactive marketing. We’re on the same page with that.

He is of the view that a, “conscientious and sustained effort to maintain, repair, and upgrade sporting facilities around the nation” must be made. That’s a crusade of mine as well.

“The General” laments the fact that there are federations/associations that demonstrate a lack of enthusiasm for the National Anthem, by not insisting on playing it and showcasing the Bahamian Flag. This concern is most noteworthy.

Storr said, “I desire that the Commonwealth of The Bahamas’ National Anthem is played before all events of national federations/associations. Hopefully, the Bahamian Flag would be visible as well. Let’s embody national pride.”

Well said.

There is much merit to Storr’s position.

It must be acknowledged that at all major sporting events, in particular, the ones that the Government of The Bahamas has some jurisdiction over, national pride through the playing of the Bahamian Anthem and the National Flag being showcased, is always emphasized.

However, in concert with Storr’s lament, I point out that many lesser sporting events go on not only absent of the Bahamian Anthem and the National Flag but are proceeded, devoid of an opening prayer.

We are a “Christian Nation” as most would agree. Unfortunately, too often, these days, wholesome values and national priorities are ignored. So, indeed, I support Storr in throwing out the challenge to the Bahamian sports fraternity to be ever mindful, going forward of operating, anchored by the Christian doctrine and national pride.

While The Bahamas Sports Brand is respected worldwide, in our country, I venture to say there is not enough enthusiasm displayed in comparison to what happens in our sister Caribbean countries and elsewhere. There have been occasions in this country when the support for opposing teams have been greater, much more vigorous than that received by host athletes.

Why is this?

There should be a national focus on Bahamian sports pride. The playing of the National Anthem and prominent display of the Bahamian Flag should be a collective priority at all sporting events, regional, international and the localized ones.

Perhaps during the sports conclaves, planned by the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture for 2018, this issue should be given prominence.

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