International amateur boxing body gives directive for new elections

Vincent Strachan

Four months after the Bahamas Boxing Federation (the amateur arm of the sport in the country) held elections, from which Vincent Strachan emerged as president, a directive has come down from the international parent body to have another voting forum.

This has been confirmed by both past long-time President Wellington Miller and Strachan.
“It’s been quite confusing, recently. It has been declared that we have to go back into elections. I am understanding that the international body is claiming that it never gave official permission for elections to be held. So, we will go at it again on August 31. I have my slate. It includes such as Shervin Johnson, Pat Strachan and Nat Knowles.

“We will comply with the order and go into elections. The session will be coordinated by Roy Colebrooke (Bahamas Olympic Committee Vice President) and Alvin Sargent (former Bahamas Boxing Commission Chairman and vice president of the boxing federation),” informed Strachan.

Opposing him, I have been told, will be Ikenna Johnson and Ronn Rodgers.

Johnson is the former federation executive who ran against Strachan this past April 21. She said at the time that the organization needed to go in a different direction and she felt she had the capacity to bring more activities and excitement to the program. Johnson is steeped in boxing. Apart from being entrenched in the amateur segment of boxing for over a decade, she is the mother of Bahamian middleweight champion Taureano Johnson.

Rodgers is the founder of the Strikers Boxing Club and has become significant in the development process of amateur boxers.

Strachan of course, is a former president with a controversial background. Nevertheless, he has been strongly rooted in the sport for more than three decades.

As for the national amateur program, it is stagnant and has been that way for some 10 years now. Strachan during his return at the helm for a brief tenure, in speaking for the organization, lamented the limited outreach program being conducted by the federation. Presently, there are affiliated associations in just a few of the Family Islands.

He had expressed a plan to move about throughout the islands to re-introduce the sport to those that had been previously associated and to break new boxing ground in the sectors with no history.

Strachan sounds positive going into the demand elections.

“I’m confident. I have excellent people with me, those with a good background in boxing. The federation would be better off if I am voted in again,” said Strachan.

Whoever wins on the 31st will be in for quite an undertaking. No national tournaments have been organized by the federation in many years. The way it selects teams to travel to represent the country is highly questionable. Money has been a major problem for the organization as the grants from the Ministry of Sports have been, as a rule, very small.

So, the amateur boxing program in the country needs to be stimulated.

Hopefully, whoever comes out of the upcoming elections as the chief, will be able to bring a meaningful structure to the federation.

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