Commonwealth boxing body, WBC now formally affiliated

At the recent World Boxing Council (WBC) Annual General Meeting in Baku, Azerbaijan, the Commonwealth Boxing Council (CBC) became formally affiliated. There had been a long-standing relationship between the two world boxing organizations. However, in order to secure a greater outreach for its membership, the CBC opted for a full, closer, more bonding connection.

CBC Hon. Secretary Simon Block was in Azerbaijan on behalf of the member nations of the Commonwealth, and was officially informed of the WBC Board of Governors’ decision. For The Bahamas and other Commonwealth nations, particularly the smaller ones, like us, the union now broadens the horizon for their boxers.

While there is a long history of CBC champions going on to win one version or another of the variety of world titles that are up for grabs, this stronger link with the WBC figures to be even more empowering for boxers of the Commonwealth. Indeed, a CBC championship carries more weight now that the foremost professional boxing in the world is associated to some degree. As it is common for world championship matches to be fought for joint titles; WBC and the WBA (World Boxing Association), or (International Boxing Federation) IBF and the WBO (World Boxing Organization); down the road I see the WBC perhaps agreeing for the CBC crown to be on the line as well during some of its championship tilts.

This is an upward move for the CBC. An honored body because of the protocol and principles it represents, the CBC has nevertheless been upstaged and limited. However a new era for Commonwealth boxing has dawned. Here in The Bahamas, the development could be maximized in the effort to revitalize a sport that was once the most popular in the land.

In that light, a local promoter is looking into the possibility of landing a CBC Caribbean Zonal title match. The CBC endorsed zonal regional titles several years ago. The zonal titles have become quite popular in Africa. In the Caribbean though, with most of the sister countries experiencing a downward trend in professional boxing, CBC zonal titles have not made significant inroads. However, I can say that it is proposed for a renewed joint effort to be undertaken by several countries, namely The Bahamas, Jamaica and Guyana.

The initiative will be under the umbrella of the CBC.

With the CBC now flavored by the WBC, the future for Caribbean region boxing is liking a bit better.
Stay tuned.

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