I was very inspired among my Philippine friends on Sunday and their meeting at Mary, Star Church’s annex called The Feast. The subject by Pastor Og was  WOW…The wow factor. He was trying to say that we often are so bored by the ordinary things of life, that were we to put on a particular type of glasses, we would be filled with excitement and joy at what we saw… WOW!


W - hen

O - rdinary

W - orks

W - onders through

W - omen


The Holy Quran Surah 4:28 ….Allah is all knowing - All wise: he doth wish to lighten Woman’s difficulties, for MAN was made weak in flesh. 


This is the year of Jubilee. Additionally it is the year of THE WOMAN. In Germany - Great Britain and even Turks and Caicos Islands, women are now the leaders. Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica both just changed their first women prime ministers. “Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with thee; blessed art thou among WOMEN.”


Were it not for the Russian’s interference, America would have had its first female president in the person of Hillary Rodham Clinton. 


Isaiah Chapter 61:1 states “ARISE OH WOMAN, for your day has come.” Here in The Bahamas Mrs. Janet Bostwick was in place to have potentially become our first female prime minister.  Cynthia “Mother” Pratt was our first female deputy prime minister. Can you explain to me after 43 years of Independence; and in a country where women out-number men eight to one, why has it taken so long for us not yet to have found a female leader? Women have over the years, been the pillars of our family life and the raising of our children. The book My Mother Who Fathered Me showed very clearly that throughout the Caribbean the maternal influence was the glue that held our families together.


Women have always proven to be more frugal and better financial holders than men. Were you to give a woman and a man $200 and send both to the supermarket, I guarantee you that the woman would have come back with more essential food items and may even have had some change left over. She would have carefully looked at the specials and may have even cut-out coupons to supplement the cash. The man, on the other hand, would have breezed through the supermarket in less that 10 minutes and left the supermarket with a small bag of groceries. Imagine if we had more Margaret Thatchers, “the Iron Lady of England.” WOW, what a great leader!


The Bible and The Holy Quran all give pride of place to the ultimate influence, to the good, that women in leadership positions give. Remember Debroah, the first female Judge of Israel who very succinctly chose Barrack to lead the Jewish Army, and that one won the war. Yes, folks, Barrack is a biblical name. Nefertiti was married to the pharaoh at age 16; but by the time she turned 21, he recognized her superior talents and made her co-pharaoh. She made several important changes including the head gear of the guards that protected the heat from the back of neck and ears. 


Finally, I would like to mention my personal heroine Queen Amina (who inspired the TV character Zena). This woman never lost a battle and in fact created a very strong city in the name of her baby sister. I have intentionally left out the fact that this country, The Bahamas,  is presently under the governorship of Dame Marguerite Pindling. She had been preceded by our first female governor Dame Ivy Dumont. We must therefore, revere and give honor to our women: our mothers, our sisters, and our female professionals who bring the WOW Factor to our lives. They  not only rear our children, cook our meals, and keep our homes neat and tidy, but have the added job of being man’s helpmate and if we would only permit, be the proud leaders of all nation’s in this world on MOTHER EARTH. 





Published  Thursday, January 26, 2017 

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