Women in Leadership, Pt. 2

“A Lioness does not apologize for her roar. So, she never apologizes for her power.”

The significance of the female leader is wrapped up in her identity. The knowing of who she is … cognizant of her mandate and assignment. Knowing who you are makes you aware of what you’re capable to do and the boundaries to dwell within. The understanding that she is a Lioness. She does not try to be the Lion. She embraces her role as the Lioness. Knowing that she is powerful, strong, brave, fierce and nurturing simultaneously.

Women leaders are Lionesses. The Lioness is the hunter of the tribe. She will go solo and without back-up because she’s hungry, her children are hungry and there is a tribe to feed. The Lioness is the primary navigator of the Pride. She is trusted with prophetic sight and visionary quests. So, she hunts, gathers the spoils and bears and rears her cubs. She does it all. So, does the female leader. A woman leader has to work 10 times as hard to be half as good as the male leader.

The Lioness is the Queen of her domain and Queen of the jungle. Dr. Myles Munroe said, “the Lion carries the spirit of Leadership.” A true female leader has a specific attitude that distinguishes herself from followers. The Lion is not the tallest animal in the jungle. The Lion is not the largest animal in the jungle. Nor is the Lion the heaviest animal in the jungle. The Lion is not the smartest or most intelligent animal in the jungle, yet when the Lion shows up or roars, every other creature runs away. So this type of leadership with the fierce woman is in command.

Leadership then, is transformational and impactful to the core.

Here are a few qualities that make the female leaders significant:

1. She is Fearless – The attitude that she is in complete control in her domain. She is unbothered and not ruffled nor muzzled by circumstances, or crisis. This attitude is a direct product of what you believe. The Lioness is Queen of the jungle because of what she believes about herself. Not so much what people call her but what she wholeheartedly believes and answers to. The Lioness leader gets excited when fear approaches and attacks it head on.

“Be fearless in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”

2. Mentoring – Understanding that investing her time in those around and on the team benefits the organization. Being a trusted and credible sound board for growth and development is critical to success. Imparting knowledge and skill to the next generation along with providing professional socialization thus increasing the chance of the mentee’s advancement.

3. Organization – A Lioness leader will take care of the company like she does her pride, or a woman her home. She will look to organize every detail so that a proper flow is achieved. The Lioness leader knows how important an organized system is to success. A Lioness leader will make the hard decisions and be unpopular just so the proper system and balance is kept in place.

4. Diligent – A Lioness leader shows conscientiousness in her work and her duties. She is a hard worker that believes in getting the job done. Just as a woman in labour does not stop until that baby comes out, so does the Lioness leader keep pushing until there is a birthing, a breaking of new fruit or produce. She gives careful attention to the life of what is entrusted to her. Tired, yet she persists; weary but she treks on. Even discouraged at times but believes too much in destiny to give up or give in. She understands how important discipline is to diligence and how it is needed to turn dreams into reality.

“Women were not created to do everything a man can do… Women were created to do everything a man cannot do.” ~ Unknown

As we approach Mother’s Day, I take this opportunity to salute all of the Female Lionesses in our community and this nation at large. All of the female leaders on the front line that serve in every sector of society; I pray the Lord strengthens you for increased momentum and great success. May you continue to lead in love and leave a great legacy for those trailing behind you.

• Dr. Jasmin Turner-Dareus is a wife, mother, Bahamas Government Senator, business woman and leader. Comments and questions about this article may be sent to jasmindareusministry@gmail.com.

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