The scene on the somber Sabbath morning at Taino Beach, saw 33 persons all dressed in white robes baptized in the chilly and cold waters of The Bahamas. 

A very dynamic Pastor O’Connor from the Cayman Islands. Pastor O’Connor trained in the West Indies College in Jamaica has come to Grand Bahama with an end time message.

Although this is a crusade under the big tent and sometimes in the pouring rain thunder and lightening, crowds from many denominations had shown up.

In his own now famous words ARE YOU WIT ME! reminiscent of the the song by Kirk Franklin GP (God’s people) are you with me. He danced around the stage inviting sinners, adulterers, drunkards and back stabbers to “come now,” before the judgement day arrives.

Many other preachers are convinced given the signs of our times that the end time is near. Even Bishop “Gully” Williams of Jubilee Cathedral has used it in his sermons recently.

This reporter has called Bishop Williams the new Elijah and that would make Pastor O’connor  the new John the Baptist.




Let whosoever will, may come , says the pastor.

“Look at the preacher!” come now for there are only two sure things in this life…1. that you will die  2. and then comes judgement.

The judgement takes place in heaven before the ancient of days Yaahweh and the judge is Yashshua God’s son; in the Greek Jesus Christ. 

The preacher says the first to be judged will be the church and its pastors, for they have mislead the people.

The people of God (GP) are to do one thing, become fishers for men’s souls not  their pockets.

This reporter joined the throng on Taino Beach because my own wife was baptized a member of the 33. 

The Holy Spirit is given at the the time of baptism!

I can attest to the fact that a profound difference can already be seen in my wife’s life.

I will not be missing anymore meetings. This is the last week of the crusade. Will you join this reporter under the tent to hear the word of God broken in a most unique and entreating way?

A nine-year-old boy sang the song ‘smile’ and an older man entertained the crowd with ‘hold the masters hand.’

FREEPORT ARE YOU WIT ME and the crown Grand Bahama?



~ Amanra


Published Thursday, March, 16, 2017

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