Tight end or wide receiver’

Leviticus 18:22, “You must not lie down with a male in the same way that you lie down with a woman. It is a detestable act - an abomination.”

FOOTBALL is in the air. On February 3, this weekend, Super Bowl Sunday will be watched by millions of men and women. So exciting is the 53rd Super Bowl, that one of the churches I attend, has put God, Christ Parakletos (the Holy Spirit) on hold so that parishioners can crowd into BMES’s auditorium to attend a Super Bowl Sunday game. Really! No church, to attend a game of violence?

DOWN LOW – The football multi-million dollar game recently permitted an openly gay player to join their ranks. He is no longer there. Sodom was, personally, destroyed by YAAHWEH for this type of abominable act. Barack Obama fell out of my good graces when he changed his position and approved gay marriage.

EXIT or ENTRANCE – The Roman Catholic Church, and indeed virtually all religious groups (especially the Muslims and Rastas) are openly outspoken about sodomy. It would appear that Satan, his royal nasty self, introduced sodomy into the human race. However, as a doctor of medicine, I will attest to the type of germs that are in the colon - not intended to penetrate sexually, as it is an exit (out) canal.

COLON CANCER – This is one of the cancers that is markedly on the rise! Is there obviously a relationship to the increase of anal penetration - male on male or male on female? Pornography is also on the increase as was shown by the billions of dollars that this practice is introduced to more and more of our young boys and girls. The Bible is about the holy temple of your body. The Hollywood activity on TV and movies, show more and more the taking of the liberty of showing more and more gay activity on the open screen (LGBT). The gangster rap videos are also joining the trend and having a field day degrading women sexually.

THE PRIME DIRECTIVE – God’s creation mandate was and is “be fruitful and multiply and replenish the Earth.” Any sexual activity which does not result in seed being planted in a manner to meet eggs and to fertilize them, is an abomination. Yes, I will be watching football after attending church (somewhere). No game is more important than worship of our Creator.


Young boys are pursued by homosexual males. The unfaithful (sodomites) becomes so because of his growing distaste of the wide receiver no longer being a tight end. So, believers, enjoy the Super Bowl Sunday. Since Saturday, is the true Sabbath, I am not worried by those who would cancel church to watch a secular game. But is God YAAHWEH pleased with the detestable act of LGBT and Hollywood decried in Leviticus and the Quran?


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