The Spirit of Leviathan

Prophetess Jasmin Turner-Dareus

The Spirit of Leviathan is a marine, principalic spirit that is brutally attacking the body of Christ in this hour. It is believed that this serpent was responsible for prosperity or commerce. Greek Mythology says this creature is the god of chaos. This monster is the mother of pride and is characterized by: proud look, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, heart that devises wicked plans, feet that are swift running to evil, false witness who speaks lies and one who sows discord among the bretheren.

The Spirit of Leviathan is what’s attacking the real ministers/ministries operating under a genuine and authentic anointing. Every ministry/minister that refuses to administer deliverance is under the control of this spirit. They prefer to compromise for fame, glory and money$$$$$. Leviathan resides in the holy places of the tabernacle of God and does so with false anointings, giftings, tongues, etc. (received from Jezebelic co conspirator). Its purpose is to ensure no shewbread (revelation/word) in the house of God, to put out the light coming from the golden lampstand and seven candlesticks which is a replica of the TRUE LIGHT and to stop the odour and incense of prayer, especially corporate prayer by spiritually strangling and suffocating its victims. Leviathan is the spirit behind homosexuals, whoremongers and perverts in the pulpit; too puffed up with pride to step down for deliverance; as a matter of fact she is the mother of the children of pride and wants to be served and honoured. She feeds on the filthiness of the flesh (our old way of life/lusts). Chief demon behind covenant breakers hence ruling spirit behind divorces even in the body of Christ. She has a stony heart and works closely with bitterness and unforgiveness. When folk in the body running from church to church every six months, they are under the Leviathan control. Covenant breakers, unstable. Main spirit behind children with learning disabilities: autism, adt, etc. Also mental illnesses like schizophrenia and mpd. Spirit responsible for stiff neck, back and spinal problems, respiratory problems, stiff joints and paralysis. Responsible for cancer (From pride), all bone diseases. This is the spirit functioning in the old guards of the anointing like Eli: spiritual blindness, deafness and dumbness. She works closely with spirits of Orion, Pleaides, Articus, Behemoth, Jezebel, Death.

This spirit twists the meaning of words seeking to destroy the unity of people. It seeks to divide and dismember God ordained and divine relationships. The Leviathan fosters an atmosphere of accusation against believers and greatly hinders spiritual growth. This is the spirit responsible for insomnia and lack of focus. This spirit likes to keep your past present and works intensely on your weaknesses pressing you into secret sins. Folk operate in a false anointing, false humility and false confidence are agents of this spirit. Leviathan attacks those with a genuine and true Prophetic Anointing, position of influence and Authority. It does this by causing misunderstanding, confusion and contention. The sole purpose is to bring about suspicion, to discredit, dishonour and belittle the Authority and silence heaven’s sound.

Even the mighty are slain when attempting to do battle with this King demon. His scales which represent pride are joined together as one shield so close knit that no air can penetrate it. He cannot be tamed. Believer your armour must be according to Ephesians, Christ Jesus himself and you must put this on. Each piece. Remember the Lord is your shield and your exceeding great reward. This power however, cannot do anything with humility and purity. Keep your hands clean and your hands pure. Reference Job 41.Psalms 74. Isaiah 27.

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