Take the Risk

Contributor: Evangelist Shantell Evans

When my daughter was becoming a toddler, it was heart wrenching to see her learn to walk on her own. Many times she tried and fell. Each time, thereafter was done with great caution. At one point, it was as if she had just given up on the idea of walking, until one day, I bribed her with a birthday party. In the end, she finally took the risk and launched from holding on to me or a chair, to walking on her own.

When we think about risk, we think about exposure to something or someone that may endanger us. Hence, risk taking always involves some form of caution on our behalf; particularly if the odds appear unfavorable, we may find ourselves being scared and powerless. Nevertheless, God is challenging us, as a people of faith to disregard the odds and take the risk of becoming stronger Believers and a more productive citizen of our country. For this to be achieved, we must at some point, extend ourselves to vulnerability and dismiss distrust.

Taking Risk Requires You to be Vulnerable
Vulnerability is a form of emotion that no human being enjoys feeling, because being vulnerable exposes us to attack which we have little control over. This further results in emotions such as: powerlessness, helplessness and fear. Many of us, particularly Believers in Christ do not like being exposed to situations and people who can cause us harm. That is why, numerous operate with the notion, ‘Once bitten, twice shy.’ However, God is saying, recondition your mind and open yourself to people and situations, which in the past have proven painful or unfruitful. The winds of change are upon you, don’t allow dead weight to keep you back.

Furthermore, you don’t

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