Spiritual food!

Have you read your Bible this morning? What about for the week? What about for the year? If your answers were no, then I can assure you that this could be the source of the uncertainty, anger, frustration and confusion in your life.

Here is why. You are a spirit living in a physical body. Your entire being requires two types of food. The first food is physical food such as fruits, vegetables etc. However your spirit also needs to be fed and your spirit requires spiritual food which of course will always be the word of God.
Now here is where the problem comes in, a person that becomes physically weak will usually be given physical food in an effort to restore them of their strength so that they can perform their physical activities.

On the other hand uncertainty, anger, frustration and confusion are for the most part symptoms of one that is SPIRITUALLY MALNOURISHED! This is why scripture makes it clear when it said, “It is written man should not live by (physical) bread alone but by every word (the word of God) that proceeded out of the mouth of God.”

This is why I encourage my followers to always find time to read your Bible (word) it does not matter if you don’t understand what you’re reading or you forgot the entire passage of scripture you’ve just read. The truth is your spirit is being fed in spite of your inability at that time to understand what you’re reading. At that moment of not understanding the scripture it is at that time the enemy is attempting to discourage you, because he knows it’s feeding your spirit. As long as he can keep you spiritually malnourished, then you lack the spiritual strength to fight him on his level, which is the spiritual realm!

Think about it for a brief second, why is it that whenever it’s time to read the Bible you become sleepy, everyone calls you on your phone, someone disturbs you etc. but if you attempt to read any other book there is basically no resistance?

Again, this is just another clear piece of evidence that your fight is spiritual. Meaning there is an invisible force (evil spirits) that are assigned to keep you away from spiritual knowledge. Why is this you may ask?

Again my people are being destroyed because they lack knowledge! Hosea 4:6.

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