Spend quality time with God!


CONTRIBUTOR: Rev. Dr. Emmett Weir

We live at a time when everyone claims to be very busy! So busy that many of us don’t have time to spend quality time with the God of our salvation. As we begin the holy season of lent, we are called to spend much more time with God so that we may cross spiritually.

Yes, we are called by Christ to spend quality time in prayer and study the word of God during this holy season, which began on Ash Wednesday, March 6 and continues until Easter. It is not easy but it is essential. Let me share with you the heartwarming testimony of a Christian family which met this challenge very well. It is recorded in “Christ in our Home” a spiritual recourse of the Evangelical Lutheran church in America.


All the difference

Extol the Lord our God; worship at footstool (v5)

Our family had been through an extremely busy stretch, and my wife and I were always going to or from somewhere. We didn’t have much time to sit and talk.

Finally, we carved out some time together over dinner, but it didn’t start well. All my stress didn’t just evaporate, and it was tough to focus on her.

Then what was the point of going out to dinner?” I wondered. “Or being married?” That thought got my attention. I let go of the worries and distractions, and focused. I then had a wonderful time reconnecting with the most incredible person I’ve ever known.

It was a short time, just dinner, but it made all the difference.

Sometimes, it feels like my relationship with God is the same way. I’m always going somewhere and doing something, and there just isn’t much time. When that happens, this verse reminds me not only to worship God, but to “extol the Lord our God” – to praise God enthusiastically and to give God my full attention, if only for a little while. Because that little bit of time can make a difference.

Prayer: Help us to make time with You a priority, O God. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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