II Samuel 12:13, David said, “I have sinned against YAAHWEH
Sin was a place, a program, a person and a primitive and primordial belief in wrong doing or evil.

Sin is a place, a program, a person and a primitive and primordial belief in wrong doing or evil. I have recently sinned in my marriage vows, and like David I confessed my sin - I have therefore retaken my Nazarite vow.

Sin The Place
The desert or wilderness of Sin a geographical place between Elim and Sinai in the Bible.

Sin City
The television program. Many are hooked to it.

Sin the person
He was the Moon - god of Babylon. Chief centre or worship was Ur of the Chaldees and Harran. Sin was the “Lamp of heaven and earth” and the Lord of decisions. Sin’s symbol was the crescent. He was the Father of the Sun-god Shamash, and of the Goddess Ishmtar.

Sin the Primitive
Primordial Belief
This is a violation of consciousness or deliberately doing what one believes is wrong or evil.

Biblical concept
The concept of sin of the nation of Israel came about as an expression of the special relationship Israel had with God - YAAWEH. The covenant made on Mt. Sinai, developed from the 10 Commandments. Sin was literally a revolt against God - ADONI. The prophet helped the people to see that revolting against God (Sin) results in GUILT.

Original Sin
This was the result of Adam and Eve’s “sin” and was an inclination toward sin and the common lot of all mankind thereafter. AN ACTUAL SIN CAN BE ONE OF WORD, THOUGHT, OR DEED.

Mortal Sin
This is the action that cuts us off completely form JAAH JEHOVAH (or ALLAH). It is the gravity of the act as is related to the seriousness of our action and the fact that it was knowingly deliberate.

Venial Sin
The act does not cut one off from God, Jehovah, but lessens God’s receptively and God’s Grace.

Formal Sin
Is the conscious and deliberate doing of something we know to be WICKED and EVIL.

Material Sin
This is an act that is evil in itself but is not known to be so - therefore the individual is NOT complete.

Sin is trouble to each and everyone of us no matter our religious belief. For example, the Roman Catholic notion of sin is based on a belief of man and an understanding of sin as the conscious and deliberate violation of the one true God YAAHWEH. Protestants believe in the basic corruption of man by original sin unless we receive the HOLY SPIRIT and have FAITH. The individual cannot love God. Sin exists even under the justification of God - YAAHWEH.

Sin therefore cannot be fully and finally forgiven until we are in the next life: in heavenly places.


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“UR of the CHALDEES” is purported to be the birthplace of Abraham the Father of the Ishmaelites and Israelites.


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