Servant Leadership

Leading well starts by being a great servant. Leading well has nothing to do with our age, less about ability and more about our attitude in serving. The posture of our spirit in carrying out our assigned duties.

If you are leading, but not serving, you will find ineffectiveness. But if you are serving greatly you will have great impact.

Leadership has been defined by many in different ways. However, I believe true Leadership is the humbling of oneself to serve the good of all. Anyone that is humble to serve others today is positioning themselves to be the leader of tomorrow. Leadership is about influence and getting the right results.

Whosoever shall be chief must be servant of ALL. It does not matter if you like the person, hate the person, cannot get along with the person. Great and servant Leadership always demands more from you.

John Maxwell said, “The first step to Leadership is Servanthood.”

Servant leadership is a timeless concept founded by Jesus Christ himself. Servant leaders focus on the growth of ALL those around them. Not some. But All. If a better society must be built, with greater opportunities for all, we must become servants of all men.


Characteristics of a Servant leader:

1. Respects Authority
2. Encourages All. Even the hard to love
3. Thinks of you and not me
4. Thinks Long term- 5-10 years down the road
5. Always acts with humility-Doesn’t think picking up trash is beneath you. Does not worry about title but understands function.
6. Does not place restrictions on how or where you are willing to serve.
7. Servant leaders are not concerned with being seen or heard. Personal Recognition
8. Servant Leaders always act and respond out of love. So if you don’t have it you cannot give it.

Ask yourself, what if everyone thought and acted like me? Would my organization be better?

“It is Amazing what we can accomplish if we do not care who gets the credit.” President Harry Truman

Servanthood is the Greatest position in iLife

Servanthood goes beyond your speech, your promise and features prominently your activity. I can tell your mindset, whether mature, immature, insecure, secure, wayward by the way you serve. Servanthood is not is a challenge and requires a renewed mindset. A transformed mindset.

The Spirit of servanthood has the following characteristics:

1. Loyalty

2. Commitment

3. Devotion

4. Dedication

I have learnt that the depth of your service and the level of your humility distinguishes you in life. It is Royal etiquette and proper behaviour on display.

How you respond to Leadership also exposes the depth or the lack thereof of your humility. Humility, then is, strength under submission.

The way to GREATNESS, Blessings, Achievement, Abundance, Effectiveness, Success, Prominence and Impact is by how well you serve. Think on these things.

Everybody Can be Great because everybody can serve. - Martin Luther King

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