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A few weeks ago before the NBA play-offs began, I was watching a basketball game with my husband, Pastor Philip Munroe, who is a Golden State Warrior fan. I watch the games periodically when certain teams are playing because my son Romel who lives in New England is a Boston Celtics fan and my son Philip, is a Miami Heat fan. So I tend to watch to pull for their teams. So as I was watching the Golden State
Warriors’ game with my husband, I noticed at one point when the camera zoomed in to the sidelines on the head coach, defensive and or probably the offensive coaches and a few players during a time-out call. Immediately I said to myself, (because I had not seen this angle before and I’m not a frequent watcher) my goodness they have some really short coaches. I did not see the full picture.

It was not until the camera panned out again to a wide angle that I was able to see the full view of the coaches in direct proportion to the players. It was not that the coaches were really short, it was the fact that the NBA players standing next to them are very tall. I had the right perspective but my perception was wrong.

In the same way, there are many persons with this farsighted perception phenomenon as I experienced. We cannot see the full picture close up, but when the lens is zoomed out; we see the full picture in size, proportion, gradient, geometrics and spheres. I said all of this to say, our nation has just come through a historic General Election with the greatest recorded registered voters; among whom were many with varying and differences of opinions, views and perceptions. People who saw things differently. People who tolerated and overlooked different things. People who even condoned what they knew to be wrong and or immoral. You had the right perspective but the wrong perception.

What we want and need is for our people to look at the entire country to see where we have been, where we are now and where we hope to be. Let us look at the whole picture to see how we can help to do the right things in the right way that will ultimately help all of our people. Don’t ‘steal from Peter to pay Paul’ or ask me to ‘cut off my nose to spoil my face.’ Two wrongs do not make it right. Let us unify for the common good of all. Let us unite as one Bahamas marching on to our common loftier goal. I pray that the following devotional by Dr Harold J. Sala will inspire you today. God Bless you as you read it.

Hold on to instruction; do not let it go; guard it well, for it is your life. Proverbs 4:13
A five-year-old Australian girl was “doing very well” after a heart-lung transplant in London, but her father halfway around the world in Melbourne wasn’t doing very well. Robert Edward Matthews, then aged 39, was apprehended for robbing a McDonald’s restaurant to help pay for the surgery which gave the promise of new life to his little girl. “I did it for Brooke,” said Matthews, “and I’d do it again,” he told the court.

The motive was right—the method was wrong. It’s a reflection of the way we think today. It reminds me of a clipping in my file telling about a bill that was introduced before an assembly of lawmakers to legalize prostitution and to provide licensing of houses and individuals “only upon satisfactory proof that the applicant is of good character.”

Not much different from the story of J. Edwin Orr, wherein Orr told about Mickey Cohen, who heard the Gospel and was alleged to have been converted but was disappointed that he could not be a Christian gangster.

It reminds me of a conversation in Lewis Carroll’s Through The Looking Glass, where Humpty Dumpty and Alice are talking, and Humpty Dumpty says to Alice, “When I use a word, it means just what I chose it to mean, neither more nor less.” But Alice responds, “The question is whether you can make words mean different things.”

In one word, as I see it, the problem is PERSPECTIVE! That’s why a man can be concerned about paying his daughter’s hospital bill, and rob a restaurant to do it, and a prostitute can be considered a woman of good character, and a man who is a gangster and racketeer can consider himself to be a Christian. Man’s perspective as opposed to God’s.

“All a man’s ways seem innocent to him...” wrote the wise man in the book of Proverbs 16:2. Then he continued, “but motives are weighed by the LORD.” That’s where God comes into the picture, and no matter what you think about something, no matter how right it looks to you or how well it fits your logic, He has the final word.

“There is a way that seems right to a man,” says God’s Word, the Bible, “but in the end it leads to death” (Proverbs 16:25). That’s the difference between man’s wisdom and God’s wisdom.

If God has the final word in things, and He does, a wise man or woman tries to see life from His perspective. He looks at the genuine instead of the counterfeit. Ruth Graham once sat next to the director of the Bank of Scotland and the conversation drifted to counterfeiting, and she said, “I suppose you study counterfeit money a lot so you can spot the fake.” “No,” he replied, “we instruct our people to know the real thing.”
Get God’s point of view to learn to think straight--to help you understand what really counts--what lasts in an artificial world.

One more thing needs to be said to complete today’s commentary. Just where do you get God’s perspective? Not by reading the newspaper or checking out the astrological forecasts, or having some guru stir your coffee grounds with a divining rod. There is one book which gives God’s point of view. It is His Book, known as the Bible. As strange as it seems to some, the Bible makes sense. It has a divine wisdom that goes far beyond the superficial veneer of life today. At times, it painfully cuts across the trends of our day and convicts us of our shallowness and sinfulness. But there is one thing for sure--since He has the last word, we had better learn how He views life. The way which seems right to a man and which also leads to death is a marked contrast from the way to God. It’s worth learning about.

Resource reading: Proverbs 16” The Right Thing The Wrong Way, by Dr. Harold J. Sala, Guidelines Daily commentary on Everyday Living. A production of Guidelines International Ministries (Used with permission).

God Bless you today. Margaritta Munroe, ladymunroe242@gmail.com

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