Gospel of John Chap 20:16

The word teacher still resonates in my mind as I fondly remember my teacher Phoebe Smith whom my brothers Michael and Charles, will also remember fondly and with pride.

When, therefore, Mary of Magdalene was the only one brave enough with the Roman soldiers attempting to stop the YESHUAH (Jesus) movement, seeing “the Christ” in a more spiritual body, she heard his voice and excitedly cried out in Hebrew - Rap-boni (teacher).

For three and a half years this essene street preacher, and former carpenter, taught a small group of disciples, including some women what was “the kingdom’s message.” He went about spreading good news (the nation was under foreign Roman rule) and as half of his band were simple fishermen, he taught them how to fish for men’s souls and not their livelihood.

Joyce Meyer labels herself a teacher (rather than preacher), as does T.D Jakes of the “Potter’s Wheel.” That is why I humbly call myself Teacher Rupert Moss Selahsei (TRMS). This is a most rewarding pastime as a sometime medical and religious journalist, attempting to teach my people spiritual truths - as in Saturdays’ Sabbath scroll.

PASSION - “Be though either hot or cold,” your belief should be passionate. Pursue your purpose. Teachers be blessed. Rab-boni Roopi


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