Praise JAH – all you people

Dr. Roopi, ABBA Dream Hebrew Y’Israelites, Essenses of Rev. Panza

It’s me again JAH - calling on your name - falling down on my face.

The storm last week was a brilliant display of bright lights and loud thunder claps. Wind. Water. Lightening. Thunder.

A Thunderous array of God in nature. The electric power in the house was shut off four times - no comparison of God’s power in nature. It highlights my sinfulness and my mistake; and God’s power saves my weaknesses.
(Revelation 19:1 New World Translation)

There are four things that appear together repeatedly - I call them (tetra palabras):
1. Salvation
2. Honour
3. Glory
4. Power

We must praise JAH - the Almighty in Grand Bahama. The storm last week was a mere weak display of the “power of JAH.” The combination of the tetra palabras (four words) is the way that we mere humans value JAH - Jehovah in splendor.

I will admit my many frailties and weaknesses, but in praising JAH at all times I benefit in salvation. I honor ABBA Almighty - and give glory receiving power.

~ Aman’Ra

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