Please suit up for spiritual war

Please suit up for spiritual war I admonish everyone, but more specifically, those that are constant dreamers to always pray the whole armour of God over yourselves before going to sleep.

Reason being, we are most vulnerable to the devices of Satan and his human agents while we’re asleep. However, the armour of God is an invisible suit or should we say a spiritual shield that protects our spirit during “dream warfare.”

For those of you that don’t know; whenever we drift off to sleep, even though our physical body is stationary and unconscious to the material things of this world, our spirit which is indeed the real us is automatically engaged in constant spiritual warfare in what is known as dream warfare. To not armour oneself with the whole armour of God as stated in Ephesians 6:11, 13-17 is equivalent to a fireman going to fight a raging fire clothed only in his underwear.

I am sure you’ll agree that he will suffer losses, even his own life.

Folks that are not attired in their spiritual armour will suffer insurmountable defeats and failures in their dream. For example, animals attacking them, dogs, snakes or strange creatures harming them in their dreams to the point they actually feel the pain at the very spot on their body they were attacked in their dreams. Unfortunately, what they would have experienced in their dreams regarding their attack has far-reaching implications in their natural life.

For example, I know of a case where a lady was bitten in her dream by an enormous black cobra snake on her right hip. Well, guess what? From that night forward, she continued to experience medical issues with that side of her body which of course, doctors could not diagnose. Her physical symptoms were as a result of what had occurred in the spirit realm while her physical body was at rest, but her unarmed spirit was very much awake fighting a losing battle all because of her lack of spiritual armour.

Of course, it was discovered via prayer and fasting that the snake that bit this lady in her dream was a long time enemy of hers that sent a curse of infirmity against her. Of course, the curse which is indeed an evil spirit of sickness, masqueraded in this woman’s dream as a snake and was only able to do so due to two things. And they are the lady’s lack of knowledge of spiritual things and being totally unarmoured in her dream by not praying the whole armour of God over herself.

Therefore, from this day forward before going to sleep here is the prayer you should pray so that you would be appropriately outfitted for the inevitable war that you’re about to experience when you do fall asleep:

“God of all glory and the Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I come before your Holy throne tonight making a request of a provision you’ve made available for me. Father, I am asking you to outfit me with your spiritual armour you’ve made available for me as I am about to enter “dream warfare.” Lord! You have promised in your word that this specific armour will cause the one who is outfitted with it to stand against the wiles of the devil and to also withstand in the evil day according to your word in Ephesians 6:11.13.

So right now, Lord, I speak upon myself according to your word, my helmet of salvation, my sword of the spirit which is your word. I now place upon myself the shield of faith that you promised would quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. Now, Lord, I ask for my feet to be outfitted with the Gospel of peace, along with my loins being protected with truth and my final piece of armour which is my breastplate of righteousness in the mighty name of your son and our savior Jesus Christ. Amen!

Friends, if you are suffering from sleep paralysis, having nightmares, being ‘hagged’ at night while attempting to sleep or hearing voices or seeing apparitions, then you need to suit up for war. I will end with this. If you have not been putting on the armour of God, then it was only the grace of God that was keeping you to this point.

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