Peace or peaceful circumstances

In this season of “peace and joy” many people favor “merry making,” overeating and intoxication with reveling, rather than creating an atmosphere of quiet peacefulness.

I have been blessed from a revealing thought: the “Revelation of Show” and the “Genesis of Soon.” In this microwave generation and the need for speed in everything, we are being pacified in everything; we are being pacified by an Almighty one: YAAHWEH, who wants us to take a chill pill.

Slow down and see God’s beauty in the slow moments of nature - be still and know that I am God - “take time to know her!!” Know family and friends! Proverbs 13:15 and Proverbs 20:1 spell out that God is not to be found in drugs, sex, alcohol, overeating and indulging in excess nor speed.

The Prince of Peace tells us that what the world needs now is love and peace. Lasting peace is not to be found in “quick fixes.” Slow and steady still wins the race. The human race is not a “rat race.” Soon does not mean directly or quickly; it means in fullness of time - the world is a circle and everything goes in a cycle. Your time is coming young men and young woman. Don’t “rush the brush.”

God is a God of slow, and after soon, comes rest. So as in a good car with a standard shift - gear down to safely engage the corners of life and living. God is that “calm in Gilead.”
Great moments come from a great God. “Slow down and live.”

Happy Year Year 5778

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