One in the Lord ‘YAAHWEH’

Galatians 3:28: “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

My motto for the New Year is, “Run toward your destiny, walk away from your history.” This thought is mirrored in the words of St. Paul in Galatians. There is neither Jew nor Gentile, male nor female, we are ONE (Nou Yo Se Youn). The problem with the spiritual world is precisely the opposite. The church almost emphasizes differences. Roman Catholics versus Protestants; Priests and Bishops versus Laity and street preachers versus the Pope and his lineage.

There is some confusion in the writings of St. Paul as to the legitimate place of women. My grandfather, Rev. Panza, a Baptist preacher with his own church, refused to have women preach from his pulpit. He insisted that the New Testament writings forbade women from participating at the highest level in Christendom. It is only recently that the Anglican Church has allowed women to be preachers from the pulpit. Reverend Marie Hepburn, at Christ the King, shows how important a female priest can be.

The Magnificat, in my mind, has set the true standard for women being elevated to any and every position that a male might hold. The feminine gender is just as capable IN THE LORD JAAH as has been any man. “The best man for the job is WO-MAN.”

In this year, 2019, the word of the Lord needs many voices. Indeed, the harvest is full, but the laborers are few. If we were to inculcate our women in the roles that they are capable of, the religious officers would not be in short supply. Even more unmarried priests, in the Roman Catholic Church, have given priesthood a very bad name. Surely, an unmarried man has no inkling of what a family man has to cope with, with a wife and children. On the other hand, a female priest, particularly one married, as was Deborah in Israel, is better ordained to share her experiences of life with those parishioners who regularly attend the church.

When YAAHSUAH left the Earth, his final forbade was that they all might be one. One People; One Heart; One Love. The words in Corinthians on love gives us the empathy, as men, to truly respect women; their mind, as well as their body, by partnering with them in all things.


Oneness, gives unity because there is no ‘I’ in team. Teamwork takes coordinated efforts, particularly spiritually. In the morning’s Daniel fast at Jubilee Cathedral, we have seen, in beautiful combination, different churches i.e. Bishop Saunders, Pastor Adams, Bishop Williams, men of the cloth partnering with women who have proven just as effective (if not more so), than the male counterparts. If the year 2019 is to be one of harvest, then we must indeed elevate our women to all plateaus and positions. We are all indeed “ONE IN THE LORD YAAHWEH.”


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