No ordinary ‘Samaritan’ at the Good News Gospel Explosion in Freeport

INTERNATIONAL CRUSADE – Pastor Claudius Morgan and Interpreter preaching God’s Word to thousands in Tanzania.

Door-to-door invitations, facebook and media ads over the recent weeks announced the Good News Gospel Explosion in Freeport, which was officially launched this Saturday, January 26, at 7:00 p.m. under the two tents of the “Canvas Cathederal” on the grounds of the Freeport SDA Church on Gambier Drive.

The crusade will climax February 9.

Under the auspices of the North Bahamas Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists and the team of pastors Eric D. Clarke, Andrew Burrows, Henry Moncur and various other leaders, The Good News Gospel Explosion is slated to make a difference in Freeport and from The Bahamas to the rest of the world.

The visiting guest evangelist for this spirit filled series is pastor Claudius Morgan, PHD.

He is an evangelist, pastor, gospel singer and teacher who has preached throughout the Caribbean, North and South America, Europe, Africa and now Freeport in The Bahamas.

God has truly led pastor Morgan from singing in the Calypso Halls of the Caribbean to preaching His word throughout the world to people of all walks of life.

“Known as ‘Samaritan’ during his heyday as a Calypsonian and crowned Junior Calypso King, a title won twice in his homeland, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Evangelist Claudius Morgan is on a different

 Samaritan mission: to rescue men and women, boys and girls who have been beaten up and beaten down by sin.

“Not only are sermons preached, they are sung and expressed in music, and the formality of Biblical King James’ English is transposed into the beauty of simple, everyday parlance to make the gospel accessible and its truths beautiful and practical. In the Evangelist’s own words, “I preach to people’s hearts and minds.”

Pastor Morgan has truly been blessed by God with over 25,000 individuals having been baptized through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. He is now one of the leading evangelists in the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, a member of the Evangelism Council of the General Conference of SDA and has authored numerous books.

Local pastors and church leaders who are pleased to have this world evangelist in Freeport said, “Pastor Morgan is a relevant and down to earth speaker who appeals to all classes, mind sets and age groups. His winning personality draws you in and his love and passion for God is revealed in his unique style of ministry. We are happy to have him here and know that his ministry will change Grand Bahama in a Grand Way.”

This series will be inspiring for all and will include Biblical Preaching, Inspirational Praying, Special Singing Artists and Concerts, Youth Nights, Gift Nights and much more.

Pastor Morgan is also known for his many straight forward dynamic messages, which appeal to all audiences, such as : “Play with fire, You get burn!”, “Traffic Jam down Broadway”, “Lost in Church”, “Why Do I have to die?” and numerous others.

The Good News Gospel Explosion nightly services begin at 7:00 p.m. this Saturday, January 26 and will be held under two tents known as “The Canvas Cathedral” located on the grounds of the Freeport SDA church on Gambier Drive.

Come, bring a friend and be blessed.

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