Lessons from the Lepers

I preached this message on Sunday and want to share the treasures I found with you. In the book of 2 Kings chapter 7 we see the story of four leprous men that stayed at the entrance of the city gate during a famine in Samaria. Leprosy in scripture meant those who had it were unclean and were outcasts from society. They were not allowed to mingle with the rest of the community. These were considered the rejects, underprivileged, bottom feeders, destitute, helpless, vagrants, downtrodden, handicap, crumb gleaners, and beggars of the earth. No doubt because of their condition, they begged for handouts, were mocked, pitied, scorned, insulted and looked down upon. In all of this turmoil, these lepers stayed at the gate. Now, the gate in scripture is a significant place. The gate is the seat of commerce, judicial operation, and place where major decisions were made. Nothing went in or out the city except through the city gate. We also know the gate to be a place of spiritual transaction. I am amazed at even though these lepers were afflicted, they stayed at the gate which means they kept their positioning. Many times we leave our posts because of our tribulations and circumstances. These lepers remind us to stay on the wall or at the gate until a word of the Lord comes to shift us. It also teaches us not to operate out of emotions or feelings but to stay the course based on duty or assignment.

These lepers are also admired because even in a poor state and dire straights, they were rich in Faith. In life, there is a time for losing and stripping; for to everything there is a time and season under the sun. A time when loss is all we know. Many times we lose jobs, friends, money, loved ones, homes, businesses, etc.; but whatever is taken away, robbed or stolen from us, we must endeavor, like the lepers, to hold on to our Faith. For “faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen.” Hebrews 11:1.

Faith without works is dead. The lepers knew if they stayed in their current position, death was imminent. So they decided to move out not to the city but to venture in the enemies’ camp, the camp of the Syrians. We see as they moved in faith, there was a corresponding action taking place in the spirit. This scripture shows us how faith sets off simultaneous motions and movement in the spirit that may not be seen by you but it is heard and felt for its intended purpose. Faith releases sounds in the spirit that speak for you. As they moved, the Lord caused the host of the Syrians to hear a noise of chariots, and horses. The sound was so loud and frightening it caused the Syrians to flee and leave all of their possessions behind: raiment (clothes), gold and silver, horses and chariots. The Lord is using physics defying laws to manifest himself in the earth. He is amplifying and magnifying our small efforts to make great results and marvelous miracles.

Now, the name “Syrian” in scripture means exalted. The truth of the matter is, as long as some people are in exalted positions, in power and authority, you and yours will always be in a famine. Your family will stay broke, your children will go nowhere and others will never eat. You will never get the big contracts, clientele, business opportunity. I heard the Spirit of the Lord say, “the famine comes to shift Power.” Whenever there is a famine in a nation, it is not always that the nation is cursed, sometimes it is the way for Power to shift hands. The “Power Brokers” must change. The money lenders must change. The Big Spenders must change. Those who held monopoly in business, politics, ministry for decades must change hands. Who are the “Power Brokers”? These are your key players, movers and shakers in the land. Persons of great influence. The decision makers.

Now why would the Lord use Lepers to spearhead this new move? Scripture is replete with the rejected becoming the celebrated. The stone that the builders reject becomes the head cornerstone. Listen, the Lord specializes in making the last, first; and the first, last. When heaven has marked your life for glory, your past does not disqualify you from your future. This is the season where Holy Ghost is making the zeros….heroes. The lepers had a heart for the nation because when they went and raided the camp, they took their portion but also went back to feed the hungry King and his people. Those like the lepers in this season who will not be selfish about the blessings on their lives, will be the new Power Brokers. Persons who will not shut up their bowels of compassion, who will not be bitter, hateful or resentful for what happened in their past. These ones will have new and unfamiliar streams of revenue opened up to them so that they can be a blessings to families, churches, cities and the nation. Those who are whole and mature enough to be blessed and in turn, bless their haters…..these will carry the new move and see the mighty hand of God.

Nuggets from the Lepers.

1. They got a momentum of unstoppable progress through the sound of a Prophetic word.

2. They did not allow fear of the unknown to cripple them

3. The rejection and abandonment did not weaken them, it strengthened their resolve to make it.

4. Radical Faith reaps radical results.

5. A heart that forgives is a heart that lives.

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