Leadership Lessons/Principles Pt 2

Prophetess Jasmin Turner-Dareus

Over the past year leaders from every sphere of society in this great nation should have learned some valuable lessons. We must learn where our mistakes are so that history does not repeat itself. As a progressive nation, we must pay close attention to the trends that are manifesting and learn to make our nation, our government, businesses, our churches, our families and individual communities better.

A few Significant Leadership Lessons Learned.

1. The Power of Vision
Vision is the ability to stand in the present yet traverse the future. It is a blueprint of heaven’s purpose for your life. Vision is so powerful it has a voice of its own. Many live by sight, which is limited but those that live by vision go on to live a limitless life. Vision causes you to see the invisible and achieve the impossible.
“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no Vision.” ~Helen Keller

2. Understanding Purpose
Dr. Myles Munroe said “where purpose is unknown, abuse is inevitable.” Purpose helps us by providing direction and guidance of where we need to be and what we should be doing. It gives us the why to many of life’s questions. When people understand their purpose in a church, family, company or Government, there is a seamless flow of production and increase. People that have not keyed into this principle wreak all kind of chaos wherever they are. Purpose is your life’s certificate of intention and it literally sets your soul on fire. Purpose will determine your level of performance and make you Progressive.

3. Value
Great leaders all have a core value system or beliefs. These are the standards you live by. The areas in your life that are no compromise. No fly zones. Some folk will sell their birthright for the correct dollar figure. Great leaders may be challenged but their core values anchor them in times of trouble and adversity.

4. Building An A Team
No man is an island. If you are the smartest person in your group, it’s time to regroup. We need the skill set of others so we can be better and advance. The important thing is knowing your area of expertise, sticking in that lane and embracing other experts in their fields for an overall success. The selfish and all about me mentality gets you nowhere. There are others better than you in certain streams, use their strengths.
“Team Work makes the Dream Work”

Let’s Pray
I pray today that the Lord would grant you the strength needed to go the extra distance to achieve all that’s in your heart to do. May the Vision & Purpose of your life become crystal clear as you walk humbly before the Lord. May you achieve the Impossible and do the Incredible in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen

Dr. Jasmin Turner-Dareus is a Wife, Mother, Author, Counsellor, Businesswoman, Pastor & Government Senator. Office located in the International Bazaar, Old Cafe’ Michelle Bldg. Tel.:242-439-0210. Email: jasmindareusministry@gmail.com

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