Leadership Lessons

Prophetess Jasmin Turner-Dareus

Over the past year leaders from every sphere of society in this great nation should have learned some valuable lessons. We must learn where our mistakes are so that history does not repeat itself. As a progressive nation, we must pay close attention to the trends that are manifesting and learn to make our nation, our government, businesses, our churches, our families and individual communities better.

A few Significant
Leadership Lessons

1. Follow the Leader.
Unless the leader is in direct conflict with your core values and basic spiritual and moral beliefs....you follow the leader. The Bible says all power that be is ordained by God. So it is useless to work against a God ordained man or woman. You begin to literally challenge the Omniscience of God. You will not like everything said, you will not agree on every point but your responsibility is to follow the leader. Lack of followship displays unsubmission and rebellion in those around you who defy your assignment, are jealous of you, wants your position or thinks they can do it better. I have learned in my 10 plus years of leadership, the man or woman in charge carries the Vision for movement...so it is in my best interest to follow even if following means you do it blindly. Understanding will come later.

2. Power of Unity
No man is an island. We must learn the beauty and strength that comes with numbers. I have seen people with gifts that the leader does not have try to manipulate their way to number one man instead of working to establish a firm body. We are called to compliment one another and not compete against each other.
A body that stands in unity will always have Victory.

3. Suffering.
You find it rather difficult to get people to submit to leadership while you are going through a tough time. This is because during suffering the leader’s weaknesses are exposed. Most people are limited by physical sight and cannot see beyond what’s shown in front of them. Many are 1 dimensional. You see the real suckers when you start suffering in leadership. Folk will stick up their baptist finger and leave you to die. But you get to see the heart of the people around you in living colour. Even during a period of suffering, never compare yourself with your leader. Your leader is on an entirely different level. Instead if comparing yourself to your leader during suffering or crisis, you cover them to protect the vision ahead and the entire connectedness of the body involved.

4. The Spirit of Familiarity
The Spirit of Familiarity robs mankind of its destiny. It is a challenge to see how God would raise up someone you played marbles with, hopscotch, jump rope and went to primary and secondary schools with. We begin to put people in a box not understanding the destiny of men. Even Jesus could not do many miracles in his hometown because the people were too familiar. This spirit will cause you to miss out on miracle moments and opportunities for advancement because of the level of dishonour shown.
“Familiarity breeds contempt.”

5. The Power of Persistence
“The heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they, while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night.” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
I have lived long enough to see people with great talent that has gone and is going nowhere because there is no deep PUSH in their spirits. You have to push even when the deck is stacked against you and continue down your path. I say again...Talent is not enough.
“A river cuts through a rock not because of its power but because of its Persistence.
Persistence meaning: endurance, dedication, commitment, stamina

6. Timing
It is so important to understand timing in a natural sense and by spiritual definition. Timing is so important our laws dictate we are paid by the hour, weekly or monthly. The scripture says, to everything there is a time and a season, a purpose under the sun. I have seen people that are qualified, talented, educated and well connected miss key movements and moments simply because they had no understanding of the times. Not because you are in front means you are next. Not because you are last means that you will not be first. But you must have a good understanding of the times and seasons. Do not allow people to push you into things or areas when it is not your time. Similarly, don’t allow people to stop you, when you know it is your time.

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