Jesus and a joint?

Revelation (Apocalypse ) 2:24 - “And the leaves of the tree was for the healing of the nations. And they shall see His face, and His name shall be on their foreheads.”

In preparing this meditation I was surprised on American television to hear that a church in California issued joints of marijuana, while preaching about Jesus. In fact, historically, all worship was enhanced by the use of psychotropic agents. Incenses, frankincense, myrrh, other such agents were well known to be used in the synagogue in ancient Israel and Judah.

The Bible itself is a very peculiar scroll, shrouded in mystery and not necessarily history. Some scholars, in fact, state that it’s an allegory. For example, if you were to look up the torah, after every specific hundred words, the word torah, is elucidated.
The healing properties of the natural growing herb (or weed) known as ganja in the Caribbean is mentioned numerous times in the Bible as “sweet cane.” It grows so naturally that if one were to accidentally drop seeds in the soil, one would be blessed with a marijuana plant without cultivation or watering the same. The Garden of Eden was resplendent with this natural herb. Are we in the Garden of Eden or Garden of Gethsemane?

Several prominent American doctors have recently come on television, while studying children with seizure disorders, and when nothing else helped the child medically, weed brought about dramatic results medically. Therefore, one of the physicians took the opportunity to find where in the world today qualified medical doctors were in the process of researching these medical properties. The answer was in Israel.

I, myself, as a physician of over 44 years; having been trained at the University of West Indies in Jamaica, have been advocating the medical use of marijuana in the following illnesses:
(a) Asthma
(b) Body aches and pains
(c) Cancer
(d) Dolor (inflammation)
(e) Epilepsy
(f) Febrile Illnesses
(g) Glaucoma

The fact that states like Colorado have completely exonerated the agent, and grow it with two different purposes. The medical name for the plant is Cannabis Sativa and it has two pharmacological effects. The first effect is to bring about the feeling of euphoria (high) and two a healing effect, which is its desirable use in medicine.

The growing worldwide spread of the Rastafarian sect, especially recently when Snoop Dog adopted the name Snoop Lion and said that he is the reincarnation of Bob Marley, has caused a surge of the religious use of Cannabis Sativa as an agent for deep meditation and groundation. “Pass the duchey pon the left-hand side”, was a hit record out of England in which young Rastafarians described their meditation with weed. Rita Marley in her famous reggae “One Draw” epitomizes the moderate use of the agent, and not the over indulgence like some do, making it a drug.

Historically, there is good evidence that when American Indian tribes got together for a pow wow, that in passing the pipe, the effect of the agent was to produce SHALLOM (peace) and thus a more peaceful communication together.

Recently in my research into the topic, I was blessed by some brothers of the Hebrew Y-Israelites who, going into the original Hebrew text, found that whenever the term “sweet cane” is used, it referred to Cannabis Sativa. In fact, prior to 1926 Cannabis Sativa was used as a medication in medicine. However, its use became more restricted under competition from the cigarette tobacco industry.

In conclusion, therefore, when a church in America openly provides a “joint for Jesus” it reemphasizes that Cannabis Sativa is a positive agent in meditation: and not only the Rastafarians see its benefits in reaching THE MOST HIGH. That, to praise JAAH, is enhanced, not just with a praise team as in modern churches, but with a new song like “Reggae and Reefer.”

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