Infidelity and infertility

We, on the medical side, spoke of infertility and impotence last week. I want my readers to recognize that in addition to being a medical doctor (M.D.), I also adhere to a deep spiritual belief in the holy scriptures.

Quran and Bible: they are the original text books of health.

Thus, today we go to the Bible. Matthew chapter 5:32, “However I say to you that everyone, everyone divorcing his wife, except for INFIDELITY makes her a subject of adultery.”
~ New American Bible.

The influences of television (tella lies) and Internet have affected our young people (and older ones) to an immoral lifestyle.

In the beginning, Creator Father Elohim instructed mankind to be fruitful and replenish the Earth. Read Psalm 127.

Instead, we have become fulfilled and replenish our emotions and fleshly feelings so that “anything goes!” No discipline, and no real consideration for others. So young men “hit it and run” and young girls have “unprotected one night stands” notwithstanding the consequences. Usher sings “he doesn’t mind once there is money from his honey.” What of STDs or AIDS?

The wages of sin is indeed the death of our health: mental - physical - spiritual and sexual. Many former stars like “Lady Saw” later in life return to the Creator and good sense of all that is good. God is good and goodness! That is the good news, not the Freeport News.

The Devil inspires evil and debasing ways. “Where do the children play?” Where there is no “daddy” or father images (grand or godfather) and where mother is a “junglist” trying to outdo the “bad boy’s lifestyle.”

Our churches, schools and other institutions have been so caught up in their own survival (like thousand dollars’ seeds etc.) that YAAHSHUA’s order to “suffer the LITTLE children” is lost in the rush and rat race.

“A child is born - a son is given” - not if infidelity and infertility persist.

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