Importance of character

We’re living in a day and age where there is a great deficit of money and opportunity, but most importantly, character.


Even in the Christendom, people go to church and are still not in covenant with God. Leaders in the house of God and still not submitted to not committed to Christ Jesus. All of this is important to note, because the walk of Christ or the true mark of our relationship with Christ Jesus transforms our character until it is a reflection of His.


What is Character? Character consists of your mental, moral and ethical traits. It is your pattern of behavior and the principles you live by. It is the process by how you make judgments and the lines you never cross. Character is the stable and distinctive qualities built into an individual’s life, which determines his or her response regardless of the circumstance.  


Your character has a lot to do with your convictions. Your conviction is what you believe and what you believe is not what you say, but shown in what you do. If we are convicted about certain things, there will be very little or no compromise. Our Family background, education, affiliation, media, co-workers … everything you have been exposed to contributes to your conviction. One of the reasons Joseph could run away from the King's wife was because he was convicted in his character concerning that adulterous act. He ran not because of how he felt, but to stay true to his conviction and thus maintain character.


There is no substitute for a good and strong character. None! 


"A Man's character is his fate," said Heraclitus (Greek Philosopher)


Our character is measured by the depth and resoluteness of what we believe.  Some of us don’t even know what we believe. So we cannot stand for anything. Our character is defined by what we value or hold in high esteem.  Your values are what you give merit to and hold strong and protect it.


Our values inside are more important than the rules around us. The three Hebrew boys in the book of Daniel refused to bow, because the word of God was held in high esteem in their lives.  God preordained those boys to be selected to go to the land of the Chaldeans, because He knew even in the face of a fiery furnace, their values would not change. 


Consider this, because many times we waiver in our convictions when circumstances are not pleasing to us.  Our character must be steadfast even in the face of great adversity. 


I read somewhere that character is our personal submission to the discipline and values that protect our gifts and abilities. We see a lot of gifted leaders, talented leaders across our societal spectrum, but many are laden with character flaws.  


Now, none of us are perfect, but we must endeavor to be a people of better character as we advance. We must not value reputation over true character.  Reputation being what others perceive of us, and character being the truth of who we are. Let us look to be more faithful in Godly character than famous.


Benefits of a Strong and Noble Character

1. Character gives you credibility and trustworthiness. People like folk they can trust.

2. Character gives us a standard of no compromise.  No bowing, neither bending nor breaking. Our words and actions are congruent with who and what we really are at the core.

3. Character provides stability in mind, in situations, and in life.

4. Your Character will chart your course in life.

5. Character and integrity will ensure longevity.  Personality/Gifts will open doors but your character will keep you in them.


People of no Character obtain

a. Wealth without work 

b. Pleasure without conscience 

c. Knowledge without 


d. Commerce without morality 

e. Science without humanity 

f. Worship without sacrifice 

g. Politics without principles 

h. Action without 



Lack of virtue, principles show that we have defects in our moral compass.  These defects weaken our character and nullify our potential. Lack of character will stop you from making contributions to your generations.


Let us strive to be a people of great character and not for so much for power.  The Character of Christ is one of the most powerful forces in the earth realm.  Wherever God's character is, His kingdom manifests.


Published  Thursday, January 12, 2017 

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