God is Watching!

We spend a great deal of our time waiting. We wait in traffic, in grocery stores, on bank lines, barber and beauty shops; we wait for pay-days and holidays. We wait for the salvation of our family, friends and others; we pray and wait for deliverance from afflictions, sickness and the mending of broken relationships.

Waiting is a great part of life’s disciplines and as such God often exercises this grace mostly in those who are anxious and impatient. There is a divine threefold promise in the Word of God saying those who wait “will mount up with wings as eagles” and soar to higher spiritual realms. “They shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint (Isaiah 40:31).” Those who wait will receive spiritual stamina and strength to continue to wait. When we wait on God, we are never disappointed what He promised; He is able to perform (Rom. 4:21). He is never late in response to our situations and petitions. The best thing we can do is to stop looking at our clocks and calendars and simply look by faith to God and let Him have His way in His time.

God is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. He has all power, knows all and is everywhere. Since we are under divine scrutiny, we should be careful how we live and conduct ourselves. We should always be mindful that God is observing our thoughts, words, actions and attitudes. You know when I used to be in the children’s Sunday school we sang this song, “Oh, be careful little eyes what you see…hands what you do…mouth what you say…ears what you hear…feet where you go, for there’s a father up above looking down with tender love…” Therefore, we should be careful what we see, do, say, hear and where we go. I know there are some of you who might remember that song, even if you were to think of doing anything wrong, you were afraid because you were taught that God sees you and knows everything you do.

When we say that God has eyes, ears, arms and hands, we are speaking figuratively. Can you imagine our world being ruled by a God who is blind or deaf? God is an omnipresent Spirit meaning He is present everywhere at the same time. This is an awesome and comforting thought. God sees all and knows all, both the good and evil. When we see evil deeds committed that appear to go unpunished, we may feel like God is unaware or does not care, but God sees and will requite in His own time. Under His watchful eye, He sees the needs of His children and will help and deliver them. There are no secret hiding places from God, although screened from human sight, we are open and exposed to the eyes of God.

God’s searching eyes are constant day and night, whether young or old, prosperous or in adversity and under all conditions and circumstances, He is watching each and every one of us. The rebellious and disobedient that refuse to accept Jesus Christ and delay their decision stand in imminent danger. God not only knows all that transpires on the earth and beneath the heavens, but He patiently waits for opportunities to intervene on behalf of His people. God wants to rescue and help His people; He wants to show Himself strong in time of danger, in seasons of affliction and moments of trial. We would not be able to stand without God’s help, therefore, let us completely dedicate ourselves, our powers, resources, and time so that we may be counted among those whose heart is perfect toward Him, for God our maker, surveys with a watchful eye every thought and every act from the setting of the sun, to the going down of the same.

Let us pray: Father, help us to be mindful in what we do, what we say, what we hear, where we go and what we see and to remember that you are a God of all seeing eyes; seeing the good and the evil. Most of all Lord, you are a Holy God and holiness without which no man shall see your face. So help us to be Holy as you are Holy, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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