Give the Almighty God a chance

Showers of blessing
Showers of blessing we need
Merciful drops they are falling
But for the showers we plead
Ezekiel 34:26: “I will make them and the places surrounding my hill a blessing. I will send down showers in season; there will be showers of blessing.”

NO was the majority vote against number houses being legalized. I voted NO.
Methodists and other Christians are absolutely against gambling in any and all forms.
Numbers and drug dealing are, unfortunately, two of the few activities that are financially supporting the Freeport and Grand Bahama communities. Chances and Island Luck, are two of the prominent number houses in our country. GIVE GOD A CHANCE.

I returned from Treasure Cay, Abaco recently to what, in medical terms, was a heart attack. 8-8-18 of the Jewish calendar 5778, I have a heart attack contemplating the violet death of Lil Henry (Henry Johnson Junior). Henry’s mother’s husband Mr. Outten was also violently killed just a few years ago. Henry Johnson Sr. was my tennis partner.

Again, using medical term. Hardness of heart is what many of our young men suffer - getting quick cash.
The scripture states emphatically that they “live by the sword shall die by the sword.” Lil Henry was my patient and the last person to bid me farewell on my way to Treasure Cay, Abaco. He was a nice young man.
TRMS. This rudeness of our violent and wayward youth must stop. God is not pleased with the sinful ways of Freeport.
I want the name to be changed to Born Free, because Freeport is more like expensive Port.
This Rudeness Must Stop!
Bahamians, we must stop being dependent on fast money in this microwave generation. Give the great and good and Almighty God a chance.

The solutions of our political party government are futile and does nothing to relieve the plight of the poor and needy. Just dribble days.
Let us give God a chance!!

Bishop Godfrey Williams got out of his hospital bed to preach one of his best sermons. It was based on the hymn “Showers of Blessings.” The words introduced this meditation. We don’t need merciful drops of rain in Freeport - we need SHOWERS OF BLESSINGS.

I predict and declare, as does Pastor Frank Hagan, that YAAHWAH God is up to something. We must, however, be patient - not my way but YAAHWEH. There will be showers of blessing Freeport.

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