Fresh Oil

Just as in the natural, our seasons change, so do we change seasons in the realm of the Spirit. The old season is passed and the Lord is making all things new.

We must now forget the former things and press forward into what is being released in this hour. The Holy Spirit spoke clearly to me and said, “I am RELEASING Fresh Oil upon my sons and daughters in this season.”

We must understand that we cannot run in this new season with old oil. The oil you had for 2017 was good, but this is a time where we need a “Fresh Release” from the supply vials of heaven. Oil is powerful, because it has the ability to loosen that which was stuck or blocked up.

Consider a door that could not open, because it’s hinges were stuck and then placing lubricating oil on it. This is the season where your Oil will open up the doors that have been jammed and shut. Get ready for some doors that were shut and locked in your face to be opened in this season.

The presence of oil makes the struggle to become easy. The Spirit of the Lord is releasing fresh oil to you so that you can walk in the Anointing of Ease. I dare you to say, “Oil of ease fall on me now.” When oil comes it forces a consecutive flow. It causes there to be a stream, a current and a river. Today as you read, receive a consecutive flow of clients in your business, opportunities to hit your life and sufficient flow of money to meet every need in Jesus’ mighty name.

When ‘Fresh Oil’ hits your life there is a dynamic reaction that takes place:
1. You become filled with the fragrance of the new Oil. A new aroma hits your life.
2. When the Oil of God hits your life it makes your face to shine (Psalm 104:5) and makes you beautiful (Ezekiel 16:13).
3. It is the Anointing Oil that causes the RUN OVER blessing. It is impossible for your head to be anointed with Fresh Oil and your pocket be empty. The oil commands the overflow blessings “thou anointest my head with oil, my cup runneth over.” Psalm 23:5
4. The Bridegroom is only returning for them with oil. There are people saved but still lack oil, much more, fresh oil. Remember the story with the 10 virgins, 5 were wise and 5 were fools. Note, the fools are always Oil-less. The Bridegroom is coming for those that have Oil in their lamps.
5. The oil of the Lord forces promotion in your life and exalts your horn above that of your enemies. (Psalm 92:10/1 Sam 2:10) The oil announces your promotion.
6. The Anointing oil will cause God to uphold your right hand, subdue nations, loose the loins of kings, open before you the two leaved gates and doors shall not be shut. Isaiah 45:1
7. The Anointing Oil marks you for headship. It distinguishes you as to be ABOVE (Psalm 45:7). It takes you over and beyond (Hebrews 1:9).
8. The Lord hears, saves, delivers and strengthens his Anointed (Psalm 28:8).
9. It’s the Anointing that qualifies men and women of God for Spiritual offices and placement. The oil of God represents God’s approval on a life/ministry. Preachers, leaders, we must be Oily in this season.
10. You cannot be oily and unhappy. For He gives the oil of joy and of gladness to those that will receive. Psalm 45:7.
11. Matthew 25:4 says where there is oil, there is a lamp. Where there is a lamp, there is light. So darkness cannot stay in the vicinity of fresh oil.
12. When all else fails, the cruse of oil will never run dry (1 Kings 17/ 2 Kings 4:2). You have the ability to trade on your oil. The oil boys even in the natural are wealthy. Oil brings its holders prosperity (Ezekiel 16).
13. The Fresh Oil attracts others who have similar type oil to you. It also brings wisdom and treasures into your home (Proverbs 21:20).
14. For who can stretch forth their hands against the Lord’s Anointed and be guiltless, says David (1 Sam 26:9). We must be careful to keep our mouths and weapons off the Lord’s Anointed and not bring a charge on ourselves for touching the oil of heaven. The scripture says “Touch not mine Anointed and do my Prophets no harm.” Psalm 105:15. In another portion of scripture, Shemei was put to death because he cursed the Lord’s anointed (2 Sam 19:21)
15. God shows Grace & Mercy to His Anointed and to his seed. When we get the oil on our lives it drains down to our children as well. It pays to have fresh oil in this season.

Beloved, stay away from those that would try to contaminate your oil with gossip, slander, hate, fornication, bitterness, envy, greed, etc. Keep your oil clean. Get your lamps filled by feasting on the word of God, fasting, praying earnestly, worshipping and walking in our divine assignment.

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