The fight is on; I’m going to get my family! Part 1

Contributors: Nina Pinder and Pastor Glenn Russell

“And David inquired at the LORD, saying, Shall I pursue after this troop? Shall I overtake them? And he answered him, Pursue: for thou shalt surely overtake them, and without fail recover all” (1 Sam 30:8).

David and his men who lost virtually everything to the enemy recovered it all back; likewise everything you once lost is coming back to you. Beloved, you need to understand that the enemy does not have the final say on the issues concerning your life.

Pastor Glenn Russell has more to say on the matter below.

My brothers and sisters, some of you have been in a battle for a long time. You feel like you are going in circles. You feel like you are repeating cycles. For some it might be a Finance cycle, Relationship cycle, Health Cycle. Others are in a cycle with their children, marriage or home. No matter what cycle you find yourself in, I’m telling you…get ready because they are about to be broken.

The fight is on! When you are tired of what’s making you tired then you will fight back.
The enemy has invaded your house causing oppression, depression, confusion and contamination. However, it is now time to get a Holy indignation and fight back.

Today marks a new day for you. Not just you, but for your bloodline Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Aunt, Uncle, Grandmother, Grandfather, Cousin, Husband, Wife …You are getting ready to take back what was taken from you.

Your family has been your greatest asset and the ENEMY knows that if he can uproot your family, he can cripple your life. But it’s changing because what you cried about you will be about. What you endured, you are now about to abort. This is a new season for you and your family and you are taking them with you on to your next level.

Look what took place with Adam and Eve in the garden. Nothing was lacking, broken or missing; they were fully loaded. The enemy was not happy because they were happy. Just know the enemy does not want you to be happy. He was evicted and he was not stopping until Adam and his family reflected his position.

God made your family in his image but Satan wants you in his position.

Therefore, Satan brought to Eve a fruit that she was living without; he is now showing her why she can’t live without it. We must be careful what we entertain. It can bring things to our attention that is design to cause distortion in the vision God has for your family. If you were making it without it, continue. If you needed it, God would have sent it.

Every opportunity that hits your house is not a blessing. It’s sometimes a scam designed to break up your house. Satan scammed Adam and Eve out of their home (garden). The enemy only wants to get in. Once he gets in, His plan is to get everybody out. For some, he is in your house. It’s time to get him out. Others, he is trying to get in. Keep him out. The only way that could happen is by getting your fight back, because if it’s a fight the devil wants; let him know it’s a fight he will get.


1. Everybody does not have the capacity or the ability to handle your vulnerability. This means that there’s something about your family they can’t handle.

2. Everything that happens in your house doesn’t need to be announced. The Enemy sometimes gets in when we take our business out.

3. Some people are not praying for your relationships / family, they are Preying on them- know who to ask for prayers.

4. Do not make somebody’s opinion about your family an option for their life. Some people’s perception is off about your family. This means you need to turn off your reception from their information.

5. Before you take it out there, take it to God in prayer. Stop talking to people about your house before you pray to God about it.

6. Know who to vent to. What you’re venting about somebody is wanting! The wrong venting partner is worse than keeping the information.

0Some things are not spiritual. They are simply practical. Some things about your family, you just need to do it. We are praying about things we just need discipline. God will give you money but you need to learn how to budget. There are some things God has done but your lack of discipline messed it up.

8. Some things you are dealing with are not habitual. It’s generational. You can break a habit but you got to curse the curse that is cursing you (generational). Curse it.

9. Isolation can be your best option. Staying away can be better if going out is going to get in your way.

10. What you give to the world. You can’t take it back.

11. Find you a true friend, mentor, confidant. They don’t quit on you even when you quit on yourself. In this new season of fighting, you will need back up.

12. Get plated in the house of God. Going to church DON’T make you save but it keeps you accountable.
13. Find a pastor to call your own. They cover you and in some cases take the bullet for the team you never saw coming.

14. Forgive those who’ve done you wrong, so you won’t burst loose on who means you well.

15. Never walk away without ensuring you did everything in your power to save what you’ve walked away from.

Next week we will do a Part 2, but for now, Fight until it hurts. Fight even while you’re hurting. Fight even if you know it will hurt. The fight is on and you got to win!

Let us Pray:
Dear God thank you for giving us the strength to persevere even when things get rough. Thank you for forgiving us when we sometimes fall short of your glory. Help us to continue in our walk and never give up by fighting the good fight of faith, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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