Father and Son and Daughter

Alma 4:4 (Book of Mormon) - And they began to establish the church more fully; Ye, and many were baptized in the waters of Zion and were joined to the church of God; Ye, they were baptized by the hand of Alma, who had been consecrated, the high priest Melchizedek over the people of the church, by the hand of his father - Alma.

Many of us who are named after our fathers seldom realize the awesome responsibility placed on our shoulders to be soldiers of our fathers’ purpose and plan. In the past, it was primarily passed on to the first son; but example in my case, my first child is Adamma, a female. Nonetheless, the baton has been passed on to her to continue my legacy.

F -ather
A -nd
M -other
I -n
L -oving
Y -ou

The very foundation and pillars in every society is the human family. It is the process of pursuing perfection that makes the goals and visions usually of the father that inspires the actions of the progeny. Therefore, my father, Rupert Moss Sr., named me Rupert Moss Jr. Initially, I was not aware, because my father carried the name Eardley Archer. Ironically, the doctor who delivered me and circumcised me, was Dr. Eardley, a white Englishman. The process of life is that each generation should be an improvement of the last. If my father was a doctor therefore, given his foundation, I should become a better doctor - a specialist in my field.

When Jesus said, “I and the Father are ONE” these words explained that that which is bound on Earth is bound in Heaven. To explain that point, our earthly father should be a physical mirror on mother earth of the father in heavenly places. It is actually an allegorical explanation of what the Mighty God, Creator YAAHWEH, intended from the beginning.

King David, through his frailty, had the vision to build the temple to YAAHWEH. His son Solomon, took his vision to a higher level and built an edifice second to none to PRAISE YAAHWEH! However, his father David had provided all the raw materials necessary to complete that vision. In the past, the process of apprenticeship was the main way doctors etc. were educated.
If you recall little Samuel, at age seven, was put into the apprenticeship of Levi, the high priest. After seven years, when both of Levi’s sons were killed in battle, and Levi himself fell over in grief and broke his neck, it was Samuel that carried the mantle of high priest to Israel.

Whether we use the Torah, the Bible, the Holy Quran, or the Book of Mormon, the spirit dictates that sons and daughters should honor and respect their father and mother to their best efforts, be an improvement to their parents, and where ever possible, fulfill their parents’ dreams and aspirations. Would that Bahamian children today recognize this process of evolutionary perfection.


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