Dream expert hosts lecture in GB, part of book signing tour

LECTURE – Pamela Jones, Dream Expert, hosted a lecture and question and answer period for persons to learn how to interpret their own dreams. (PHOTOS: JUELANDA THOMPSON)

On Sunday, August 5, tell all author and professional dream expert Pamela Jones, granted the wider community an unforgettable experience during her book signing and lecture at Believers Worship Centre.

The New Providence resident stopped in Grand Bahama during her book tour The Seekers Search, which gave persons of perplexed dreams an opportunity to learn and understand their dreams.

The class was fully supported with attentive listeners who also questioned Jones for the clarification of their own personal dreams. However, she explained, The Seekers Search was an escapade of her own challenges.

The Seekers Search was a search from myself and ended up being an asset to me and some students that I have had in Nassau. I had a student that could not attend the classes, she was a self-employed student and she looked at me one day and asked, ‘could you put this in a book form?’

“And that is how the book came into fruition,” said Jones.

“I wrote the book, The Secret Search and the purpose of this book emanated from the challenges of this life, as we all have challenges and having dreams and not being able to understand those dreams.

“We had persons in my church I would go to, to help me out with my dreams and they weren’t able to help me; but I had an awesome cousin who was able to take me to a biblical Christian book store and gave me a book called, Understanding the Dreams you Dream. After having read that book, it gave you biblical definitions to symbols and dreams that you would have and that helped me through the journey of maybe 2002 right up to 2011, when I literally heard the Lord say to me, ‘okay you have learnt and now I need you to teach it.’

“I advertised classes in the Nassau Guardian and I had three students responded, but only two graduated. Four years later, in 2015, and what would happen as I went through those classes every week, God would download lessons to teach as we go. When I was searching for answers, I went through a number of biblical dreamers, such as John Paul Jackson, T.B Joshua and they were giving me tips on how to understand the dreams that I was having; but I realized that somethings were missing,” Jones explained.

“It’s the missing things that I started to teach on, like the definition of dreams and the types of dreams, dreamers, interpreters and what you should do to prepare for a dream from God as supposed to just dreaming.

“In the combination of those and attaching the five and six senses that has been utilized by God which is your eye gate, ear gate, your nose gate and your mouth gate and also the spirit of discernment, we ended up with some 13 different lesson plans. At the end of each lesson plan there is a tip, as you would see in the book and a practice of what you teach persons to do,” she added.

Jones explained that the participants of her lecture would be able to teach others to write their dreams down and refer to the Bible for the biblical dream interpretation. “You will find that sometimes reading the Bible is not enough, you would have to fast and pray over these things … sometimes you have to seek Godly counsel for deeper understanding.

“Then you have a practicum and that is where people literally have dreams and they literally call you and ask you what this dream means. So, you are not only learning for yourself, but you are actually able to help persons.

“I had a graduation in 2017 and the students said, ‘oh we need to do something.’ That birthed Dream Café, which means the last Saturday in each month we host a Dream Café for persons in the wider community. They can come and we hear their dreams, help them with their interpretation, we pray with them and we follow them to ensure that they are moving towards where God would like for them to go,” said Jones.

The author started her book in 2011 and continued the process up to 2014, which led to the completion in 2018. Although the book was for persons who were unable to attend her lecturers, she deemed the book tour a “manifestation.”

“When we had the book signing at Bahamas Faith Ministries September 28, 2018, we realized that the self-employed student may have been used to start the book, but we know the book was for more than just her.

“Today is the manifestation of a mandate that was said to me, ‘I would like for you to go to the Family Islands with your book tour.’ Now today, I am at Believers Worship Centre sharing what God has shared with me from 2002 to this present day.”

When asked if all dreams are God-given, Jones answered, “I have come to realize that not all dreams are from God. Some dreams are from the enemy and there is a scripture that says, he plants them while we sleep. The dreams of God are what I focus a lot on and I certainly, dismiss and cancel the dreams that I feel are from the enemy.

“Dreams from God would speak to His principles and doing the right thing, whereas dreams from the enemy would encourage you to do some wrong. They have meaning when they are from God, they are either for guidance, instruction, protection, planning, anointing; there are so many reasons and opportunities when you have a dream.”

Jones continued, “There are a lot of persons that think and believe dreams are just a dream, but until Joseph and Pharaoh – if they hadn’t connected, the world may have died because of a famine.

“We will find throughout the years that dreams aren’t just a dream. In the Old Testament and in the New Testament Joseph, the carpenter, heard a voice tell him do not take baby Jesus back to Jerusalem, go to Egypt because one is seeking to kill him. Sure enough, one killed every little boy from age two and under. That is significant and that is the New Testament, and if you come to the 21 century, we have Abraham Lincoln who dreamt of his death several times before it happened.

“He realized it was real, but it didn’t appear that he did much to stop it. He was assassinated and we have people to this day, who are dreaming and they are seeing that their lives have been changed when they pay attention to their dreams.”

Jones maintained that everyone dreams despite persons who believe they don’t. She also informed a person can have up to 36 dreams per night.

“Everyone dreams, because when you are born, you have a dream. When you were in youth mother’s womb, you were dreaming. If you look and search it out, you will find there is a teaching on this.

“In November 20, 2012 I saw on Youtube where John Paul-Jackson spoke on a person dreaming from they were a child, as a part of their sleep pattern called rapid eye movement (REM).

“You have six stages of every sleep and one of them is REM. You’ve seen some incidents where people are asleep and you could see their eye moving, that is what you called the rapid eye movement and that is when you are dreaming. You have six cycles of that, which is in each eight-hour sleep. If you multiple six times six that equals 36. Each night a person dreams at least 36 times, but most persons don’t remember their dreams,” she noted.

“I have had on record, for one night dreaming at least 11 times and I remember when I said that on a show and we had people call in and admit that it happened to them too, having dreamed 12 and 16 times.

“There are people who are multiple high volume dreamers, where there are people who are low volume dreamers and they say no, but no means I just don’t remember my dreams. You can ask the Holy Ghost and He can bring back to your memory everything that you have not recalled when you wake up.

“I believe that God has many channels of communication to human kind, because He loves us,” Jones said. “The Bible says in Genesis that He walked with men in the cool of the day and He loves fellowship, however, we lost fellowship when we disobeyed Him. But He has sent His Son to die for us and He came and did what He had to do.

“He left the Holy Ghost to keep our company, but at the end of the day men are still far away and they are not accepting Him and He is using every avenue He can to get our attention.”

She added, “If we are too busy to give Him the attention while we are awake, when we are asleep He gets our attention. Even when we dismiss it, there are somethings that repeat and repeat until we cannot deny the fact that there is a sovereign God that is higher than us that is getting to us.”

Jones described herself as one that has had dreams on top of dreams and have seen persons lives changed. She said, when a person pays attention to a dream it prevents, it protects, it heals and it delivers.

For persons interested in purchasing Jones dream book, it can be bought on Amazon or at Believers Worship Church and the contact is Gerald Rolle.

Andros and Eleuthera are next on her agenda.

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