I don’t mind waiting on you Lord

When a woman becomes pregnant, there must be a seven to nine months period of waiting before she can actually touch or see the bundle of joy living inside of her. The process of waiting is not an easy one for an expected mother. It involves, discomfort, aches, anxiety, some get depressed, mode swings, weight gain, fatigue, and the list goes on. Nevertheless, after the child is born, the joy gotten from the wait, can sometimes be unexplainable.

David in Psalms 40:1 declared, “I waited patiently for the LORD; he inclined to me and heard my cry”. The key to enduring the wait is to be patient. Patience as we know it is a virtue that few possess. Nonetheless, with adequate practice, one’s level of patience can improve. What I like about God is that He is willing to work with us at every step of the way to obtain greater measures of patience to execute our kingdom assignment.

Never start a project without God’s approval
Have you ever waited on someone, until you became discouraged and just took off your clothes. Or maybe you are not one to get discouraged, but rather you become angry and rather than wait you just leave and go about your business. Hours later, when the heat of the sun beats down on you or the cold hits you, you think to yourself, “Boy I should have waited”. In any event, don’t let that be a constant regret for you. When things don’t seem to be going as planned, try something different, wait. When you think you should be further in life than you are now, don’t get desperate or do something drastic, simply continue to wait.
If you are engaged in a project and it appears to be failing at all levels, you should stop, take a break and wait. Sure, you can keep pushing harder to make it work, but will it? If you push hard enough, and you’re stubborn that you must have things your way, God will sometimes allow you to undertake a project without His blessing or at the wrong time just to teach you a lesson in waiting.

Perfect timing is
God’s perfect will
Be mindful that whenever you start a project in your own time and off your own strength, you should be prepared to finish it on your own strength, without God’s blessings. God will not hurry a blessing to suit your will. He most certainly will not move the heaven or the earth to please you if you are not in tune with the plans He has set for you. Perfect timing has always been God’s will. When Abraham walked outside the will of God, he caused a paramount shift in the middle east, which continues to spiral negatively due to the birth of Ishmael.

God had promised Abraham that His descendants would be great. However, because Abraham didn’t want to wait on the manifestation of the spoken word, he took Hager to bear a child, at the request of Sarah his wife. Boy did he mess up big time! When Hagar realized that she had the upper hand, she started to take advantage. Abraham, almost lost his wife and the promise from God as a result of his impatient conduct. We know the story well, to bring the matter to a resolve, Abraham had to banish his son Ismael and his mother Hagar to the desert. Today, the seeds of Abraham continue to fight for entitlement.

On a more positive side, when perfect will aligns with perfect timing things happen correctly was with the birth of Isaac. God touched the seemingly barren womb of Sarah to produce the promised seed; Isaac. From Isaac onwards, prophecy was fulfilled as the generation of Abraham’s seed increased to be numbered more than the grain of sand on the earth. Just a clear indication of how prosperous our lives can become if we learn to wait on God’s perfect timing to align His perfect will.

Nothing is impossible with God

Think about it, the number of divorce cases, abortions and other social ills would gradually decrease if we only learn to stay in the will of God for our lives. Zechariah and Elizabeth were long pass the child bearing age. To top that, Elizabeth was classified as barren. Yet, when the fullness of time appeared, God opened her barren womb and caused conception to take place at a time when her priest husband doubted.

While you may appear to be overdue for some promised blessings from the Lord, I want to encouraged you to keep patiently waiting, for God is getting ready to do the impossible for you.

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