Depression and anxiety are they spirits or feelings

So many of us suffer from depression and anxiety, unfortunately we have bombarded the doctor’s office seeking relief or some aid in bringing at least a minimum occurrence to these evil feelings.

Many of us here on Facebook suffer from these chronic ailments, what is so interesting, is we would post scriptures about defeating the Devil, and that the enemy is under our feet, and no weapon formed against us shall prosper. Nevertheless, as soon as we post these words we retreat to our original feeling of utter hopelessness, depression and sadness, which clearly shows we are excellent at quoting the word but have failed miserably at believing and putting it into action.

In my humble opinion, I believe our teachers, preachers and churches are almost 100 percent responsible for this. I say this because, when one decided to give their life to the Lord, very few of them are educated about the spirit and the things of the spirit world and how it differs greatly from this natural world that they are so accustomed to, and in all honesty a world that they’ve known all their life.

Secondly, the majority of new converts, if not all, are overwhelmed with how God will bless them, how they are the head and not the tail, that they are above only and not beneath and the list goes on. In all honesty I have no problem with these statements, what I do have a problem with is presenting a balanced gospel. A balanced gospel? yes, they will be blessed, they will overcome and God will deliver them, but they must be realistically informed about the opposition that accompanies those future blessings. They should be informed that things would most likely get worse before they get better, and it is not that God is punishing them, but this is his method of renewing their mind, via their affliction and adversity. This is the effective method of breaking down those strongholds of lust, unforgiveness, pride and the like.

The spirit world should be the main focus of the new believer’s life, and the accurate knowledge of that world comes only through the word of God, which is the Holy Bible. It must be impressed upon the believer that he/she is in an invisible war, where he/she is at a disadvantage because they cannot see their opponent who is always present, to continuously inflict torment and oppression on the believer.

Now, it brings me to this point, depression and anxiety. Depression and anxiety are in fact spirits and these spirits are not just floating mist with no power. In fact, they are entities only missing a human body. The initial goal of these spirits is to viciously and forcefully keep the believer from the word of God. Reason being the word of God is the only weapon that acts and is the only effective weapon against them. Why! Because if they are spirits then it should be obvious that you need spiritual weapons to fight them, Jesus said, “It is the spirit that quickeneth (make alive) the flesh profiteth nothing (useless) however the words that he (Jesus) speaks unto you they are SPIRIT and they are LIFE, John 6:63. So according to these scriptures, things that are physical cannot contend with the things of the spirit, however the words of the Bible which are spirit are the weapons that ought to be used to resist or fight these spirits.

Now that we have discovered that depression and anxiety are in its origin spiritual beings, oppressing human beings, then we must seek and identify scriptures that are spiritual to combat them. The Bible said that if we resist the enemy he must flee. How do we resist him? We resist him with the word of God. You are being defeated Mr. or Ms. Christian by depression and anxiety because you have yet to understand that you are fighting spirits. Your medications such as Ativan, Xanax, Prozac and the like are only suppressing the feelings of depression and anxiety. These feelings are only signs that the spirit is present. Note to self: prescription drugs cannot and I repeat cannot destroy or remove the spirit of depression and anxiety. They can only be destroyed or removed BY THE POWER OF GOD WHICH IS THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST!

When depression and anxiety attacks you again grab a hold of ISAIAH 61:3, which says we must use the garment of praise to remove the SPIRIT OF HEAVINESS (depression is heaviness) you must consistently repeat this scripture, again, this is one of your weapons. As it relates to anxiety, scripture tells us that we should be careful for nothing (this word careful literally means to be anxious) but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving let your request be known unto God. Again, repeat this scripture, saturate your mind with these scriptures and speak it into the atmosphere, because there is death and life in the tongue.


I pray you have a wonderful day and as a reminder, you are a spirit housed in a human body.

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