Challenging bad dreams from their origin, the spirit world!

I have made a summary list of some of the worst dreams a person can encounter. As a result of that post I have received numerous emails, messages, texts etc. as to what do such dreams mean or what can be done to counteract them.

Firstly, I would like to make abundantly clear that such dreams are revealing evil spiritual activity being either constructed against your life or currently being performed in your life. For the most part, the format in which they are performed is via witchcraft. The power of these spiritual entities working against your destiny is solely based on your ignorance of them, especially in the area of your dreams. I want to also make clear that it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have done something wrong to warrant such evil activity against your life. Instead, I have amazingly discovered that it was things that our ancestors have done that have opened the spiritual doors to demonic spiritual activities working against us.

Again, “spiritual understanding 101” dictates that all things visible and invisible were conceived from the spiritual world. The spirit world is the parent world to our physical world. In other words, everything that you can relate to in regards to your five senses came from the unseen world which we know to be the spirit world. Therefore, our dreams which are spiritual monitors are simply revealing to us from a spiritual perspective primarily via symbols and signs the things we cannot see that are being manufactured for us or against us in our natural world. Simply put, our troubles began in a world that we cannot see. Therefore, the physical manifestation of what we call trouble, disappointment, sadness, depression etc. is only the end result of what we did not challenge or deal with spiritually!

Scripture says to us in Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Scripture further adds that this same God that created both the heavens and the earth is, in fact, a “Spirit”, according to John 4:24 and that this same God which is a spirit is also his Holy word which we know to be the Bible. according to John 1:1-2. Please review these scriptures to confirm that what I am saying to you is in fact accurate. Now, I said all of that to get to my earlier statement and that statement was all things are and were created from the spirit world and here is the scripture to prove it:

“Through faith, we understand that the worlds (Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Earth etc.) were framed by the word of God (the word is spirit, John 6:63) so that THINGS WHICH ARE SEEN (Physical things) WERE NOT MADE BY THINGS WHICH DO APPEAR” Hebrews 11:3. Thus the origin of all things are SPIRITUAL!!!

There are three profound revelations being exposed from Hebrews 11:3. The first one is things must be spoken from the spirit world into our natural world. Secondly, not because we cannot see a certain thing, does not mean it does not exist and thirdly, manifestation from the spirit world to our natural world “MUST” require us (Human beings) either agreeing with the kingdom of darkness in order to manifest negative things or agreeing with the kingdom of light to manifest the things of God or what we desire according to the will of God. As a reminder, Hebrews 11:3, clearly stated that the worlds were framed by “THE WORD OF GOD”. Now, do you see why I insist that during your prayers it is imperative you include scriptures in regard to your desires from God? Simply because the word of God brings about manifestation from the spirit world into our natural world.

In any event, in my post, “The worst dreams a person can have” again you are being exposed to spiritual knowledge as to what’s being conceived or operating against your life. However, you must speak to the spiritual realm by canceling, rebuking and praying against the evil that’s being perpetrated against you, to prevent it from manifesting in the natural to work against your life. Whether you are a Christian or non-Christian, God will always equip you with the necessary knowledge to avoid destruction, because the spiritual law of destruction says, “People are destroyed because of a lack of knowledge” Hosea 4:6 and it is not God’s desire that you perish or be destroyed.

I must add here that it is vitally important that you be born again, or in other words, you must have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior. The reason for this is simple and that is, the spiritual world responds to those that have been given authority to operate in that world. Through the acceptance of Jesus Christ you have been given the power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you, according to Luke 10:19. While a Christian can pray for a nonbeliever and stay the evil spirits operating against them for a limited time as long as that non believer refuses to make Jesus Christ their Lord and savior then the reality is they will continue to be challenged spiritually and physically until the day they die!

To change your condition, you must make a commitment to change the spiritual order of your life, by making Jesus Christ your Lord and savior.

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