At the Crossroads

The population of The Bahamas has been infested by the spirit of infirmity.

Research shows that at the end of 2015, 8,667 people were listed as living with HIV. This means roughly one in 50 persons in The Bahamas, in 2015, was HIV positive. Additionally, one in seven of the population suffers from diabetes. In 2018, there were 933 new cases of cancer reported in The Bahamas. Sadly, persons who do not have cancer, diabetes or AIDS, more than likely suffer from hypertension.

Moreover, given these facts, no one can deny that our population is most vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus, the spread of which could utterly wipe out our population, because the health care system is fragile and lacking. So, while some, at this time, many place confidence in man, I think it would be wiser to place our confidence in God.

Don’t use God
In times past we used God as a means of convenience; calling on Him only when we were in trouble or had a need. I’m sure God was quote fine with that. However, the danger posed was that we have shown ourselves to be a people who only remembers God when all is not well. For that reason, God continues to allow situations to occur so as to bring us to our knees and get us to remember Him and to turn back to Him.

As a nation, we have reached a crossroad. Although, some have prayed and fasted as a means of repentance and intersession, there are still many who have yet to budge. We cannot afford to anger God, nor disappoint Him any further. We must acknowledge Him for who He is and all that He does for mankind.

God is not only the giver of life but He is also the sustainer of life. He is looking for His people to return to Him and serve Him with pure hearts and not just lip service. For too long we have claimed to know God, but have busied ourselves serving the God of mammon.

We are at a crossroad, just as the children of Israel were when the time came for them to exit Egypt so they can journey to the promise land to offer sacrifices to God. Our sacrifice should be to repent. Repent means to be sorry for all the wrong we have done with a mind to do it no more.

Who knows, if we were to truly repent as a nation then surely God would hear us and spear our land from the mass deaths associated with this deadly virus. We have been little to lose but much to gain by repenting.

Opening Church Doors
This year I prayed and asked God for a harvest of souls. Let's lift the faith of the people so that together we can challenge God to do what seems impossible at this time. That is to preserve the lives of the Bahamian people from a mass outspread of COVID-19 on our already venerable population.

Besides, if God could have done it thousands of years ago for the children of Israel, then I know He can do it for us. I encourage you my fellow Bahamians, separate yourself from your sins and shortcomings. Turn back to God and see if He won’t be merciful towards us. Make a commitment to offer sacrifices of praise and thanksgiving to our Maker for all He has done and will continue to do for us.

Who knows, if we were all to get on one accord, what it might please the Lord to do. I don't care how drunk you are, put down the bottle and find a church. You might be high on drugs or just spent your last in the gambling house; that's fine. Now that that is over, find the house of God; there is deliverance for you.

In essence, we don't know how far the COVID-19 virus will reach or who it will affect. Nevertheless, one thing we can be certain of is that for the believer to live is Christ, but to die is great gain. If this word has been a blessing write and let us know, Lighthouse International Ministry or email  For prayer or counseling contact 439-3825 or visit the church located in the Angela's Beauty Complex on Coral Road.

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