Are you preparing for the storm?

Right now, where I reside, it is Hurricane Season and everyone who is familiar with the effects of a hurricane knows how important it is to be prepared for it.

Every summer we stock up on supplies of batteries, water, canned goods and other necessities; we find out where to go in case of evacuation, especially for those who live on the water’s edge. However, it’s funny that when you haven’t had hurricanes in a long time such as two years or more how easy it is to get relaxed and comfortable in your preparations.

Too often we prefer to wait until a storm manifests and is approaching us before we scramble to figure out where to go and then when we do, we find the food store and gas station’s lines are ridiculously long all because we didn’t prepare for the storm. Then everyone is without power and possibly water for weeks and the realities of the requirement for storm readiness hits hard. It seems like common sense to prepare ahead of time for a hurricane, doesn’t it? So, how about the storms of life? Should we also prepare in advance for periods of trial and suffering?

I believe that it is important to prepare our minds and hearts for the inevitable trials of life. Without a theological foundation in place of how to face such storms, we are at greater risk for being blown over by the fierce winds of suffering when they arrive. To have a theological foundation means having a theology of suffering and hardship Christ endured on the cross for our sake. It is the foundation of our belief in God and why we believe what we do and because of this that we can overcome any adversity we experience in this world.

Just as we prepare for the natural storms there are some practical ways we can prepare for the spiritual storms of life. One way is to study the word of God and what it teaches about trials and suffering. The Bible offers reasons to why they exist and how we should respond when such a crisis appears. We also need to study what the scripture says about God, about who He is and His character. It makes a big difference whether or not we believe that God is Holy, righteous and good in all that He does. We have to trust and believe that God would use all things for our good and His glory. Romans 8:28 says, “…all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.”

Another practical way we can prepare for a spiritual storm is by developing an active prayer life; we need to have the word of God inside of us and turn to God for all things; God said, “…In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths” Prov. 3:6. Trust God even if you can’t feel Him or see Him. The more you pray, praise and study the word of God, the more peace you will have during the storms of life.

You know, we tend to do things by instinct but if you have a prayer relationship with God you would know that even when you are going through a storm, God will be in that storm with you and not only will He be in the storm but He will also see you out of them all, “…for the Lord your God…will not leave you nor forsake you” Deut. 31:6. This is the kind of God we serve, one who is working out all things for our good and we are more than conquerors because God is with us.

So no matter what kind of storm you find yourself in, know that it is working out for your good and God is in it with you and will bring you through.

Let us pray: Dear God, thank you Lord for the storms in our lives because without them we’d never know what a great God you really are. I pray that you give us the strength to withstand everything that may come our way and help us to remember that you will always be with us and see us through, in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

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