A Praying Wife

A woman you can easily find

but a praying wife,
She is of a rare kind.
She is not easily offended,
mending all of your clothes
Cooking and serving you faithfully
although wondering
At times if, you would
amend your ways!
Then in prayer, she will retreat
only to discover that she
Too have some ways
which need adjustments.
The Father gently says to her, you
are my bride and every
Challenge is to perfect you for the
Bridegroom. Look around
You, His Coming is imminent!
A warmth of the Father’s
Love permeated her entire being
With empowerment to minister to
her husband with a new Attitude!
A praying wife perseveres and
is not deterred nor derailed
By the enemy’s arrows. In fact,
she knows the secret place
And dwells in it day and night;
lifting up her husband on the
Wings of prayer.
Yes, a praying wife is from the
LORD and blessed is every husband
Who has a praying wife!
Treasure, love and embrace her often
for she is not perfect and may
Get on your last nerve but she is a
praying wife, who because she is
Faithful to God, she is faithful to you!

Written By: Margaret C. Mullings

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