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Prayer is vital to our lives, and to be honest with you it is a struggle, especially very early in the morning. I remember my very first encounter in early morning prayer, I was praying but at some point did not know what I was praying, sleeping and praying: attempting to get up off my knees and go back to bed, in total frustration not knowing how to pray, the Master very gently said, “STAY WITH ME!”

These words changed my life forever, and also a valuable lesson, that we cannot pray without His presence. He comes and restores us, bringing strength, joy and peace! 911-P R A Y is all about Abba Father and His perfect will for our lives!

Be blessed as you read!

Grimacing in pain...
another murder
Somebody’s son or daughter Screams of grief,
The losses are far too many!
Quick, dial 911-P R A Y
Get on your knees or lay
Prostrate on your face before
Him and cry in travail to the Lord. Turn your plate down, cover your Mouth and dial
911- P R A Y For prayer
will bring results!
There is no doubt about it, 911-
P R A Y will positively change
The very atmosphere
around you. Call your
neighbours and your
Friends, tell your enemies tooTell them that it is a must to get Rid of all pettiness and dial 911-P R A Y, for our very lives depend On the prayer of agreement for God
To save and to forgive us of our sins.
It is urgent! Do it today pick up your Bible, read it then put it down, and get on Your knees open your mouth and your

Ears will hear the dial tone of Heaven. The moment you begin to pray, Your call will go straight through. It is urgent do this consistently.

Begin today to call
911- P R A Y!
With the understanding
that it is really
Prayer and the word that
sustains you.
Bring about a wonderful change right
Where you live by dialing daily 911-P R A Y!

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