4 events in three days

CELEBRATING IN STYLE – Pastors and members of Jubilee Cathedral will celebrate the church’s 19th Anniversary in style this weekend with four events over a three-day period. Festivities kick-off on Friday (November 10) afternoon with the renaming of Settler’s Way to Cathedral Boulevard. Pictured from left are Executive Pastor LaQuez Williams; Minister Cheryl Bain, Director of the Christian Education Department; Bishop Godfrey Williams, senior pastor and Kara Newton, Director of the Music and Fine Arts Ministry.

This weekend Jubilee will host four exciting events over a three-day period.

Kicking off the activities will be the historic renaming of Settler’s Way – from the roundabout at Settler’s Way and Coral Road – to Cathedral Boulevard.

In a press conference Wednesday (November 8) morning, Executive Pastor at Jubilee Cathedral, LaQuez Williams said that the church family is excited about the upcoming events.

“This coming Friday (November 10) we will be having a celebration and the renaming of Settler’s Way to Cathedral Boulevard
It will start at the Coral Road and Settler’s Way roundabout at 4:00 p.m. We will also have a festival, parade after the renaming ceremony,” said Williams.

“In addition to that, we are having the Music and Food Festival on Sunday (November 12).”

He explained that over the course of several weeks, the members were in competition with each birthday month providing a dish for the ‘Oh Taste and See’ Competition.

“So, on Sunday we will be naming the winner of the ‘Oh Taste and See’ Food Competition … there will also be activities for the kids – bouncing castle, face painting, the works.

“We will also be lighting up the church,” said Williams. “So it’s going to be a great evening.

We begin at 3:0 p.m. and you won’t want to miss it.”

Minister Cheryl Bain, Director of Christian Education Department said that on Sunday, November 12 beginning at 9:45 a.m. will be the church’s 19th Anniversary Service.

“We will celebrate our anniversary and be in divine worship service,” she noted. “What’s going to make this service so special is that we are installing 25 leaders, in various capacities right here at Jubilee Cathedral.

“Looking at the mandate that was set down by our Lord Jesus Christ, in terms of developing and training persons to lead a team, we took on that mandate in terms of training leaders for positions.

“And we do believe that in this day and time we have to be very specific and strategic in what we do, and whatever we do for the Lord, obviously, it’s going to take a lot of haste, but more so we want to do it in a spirit of excellence,” said Bain.

“And so, the leaders that have been trained, some of them have already been assigned positions in the church as it relates to overseeing several ministries, they are working as unto the Lord.

“We believe in a rich future, in terms of strong leadership, here at Jubilee under the tutelage of Bishop Godfrey and Minister Iris Williams, and pastor LaQuez. The future looks great for us in this local assembly, in terms of leading teams, so that persons would be able to go out and fulfil the mandate that was given by Jesus Christ, just before He left, when He said, ‘go ye out into all the world, make disciples out of men.’

“And that is our mandate, is to make disciples, so that we can produce after our own kind.”

Kara Newton, Director of Music and Fine Arts at Jubilee Cathedral noted that she is excited about the weekend, particularly Sunday afternoon.

“Beginning at 3:00 p.m., sharp, is when we are going to kick-off our First Food and Music Fest. When we say Food and Music Fest, we’re not skimping on the food, we’re not skimping on the music. It’s going to be a big blow out, we’re going to be showcasing the gifts and talents of our Music Ministry – the children from Jubilation Station, our Youth and Young Adult Ministry combined – and IMC will be here as well.

“There will also be a very special guest, but you have to be here to find out who that is,” said Newton.

“So we extend an invitation to you to come out and fellowship with us and we will end the evening with the first ever ‘Lighting of the Church.’”

Noting that he may be the most excited person in Grand Bahama this weekend, Bishop Williams summed up the announcement, disclosing that after a 13 year wait – following his request to have the street renamed – it is finally happening.

“After a 13 year wait, I can say come Friday we will be renaming Settler’s Way to Cathedral Boulevard at 4:00 p.m. Then on Saturday we have the renaming of several rooms and offices in the church – after three long serving members of this assembly … we are hitting the ground running, in terms of what is going to take place.

“But on Sunday, November 12, that is my day –
25 of our faithful members will be installed in various offices at this church. I am excited about that, because the Lord has called them to a higher calling to work in the kingdom of God for such a time as this,” said Bishop Williams.

“Listen, I want you to be a part of this, because what’s going to happen this weekend has never been seen in Grand Bahama. Everywhere you go people are talking about how dark it is, but we are the light of the world and we are about to light Grand Bahama right up, right here on Cathedral Boulevard.”

Never in the history of Grand Bahama have there been the lighting of the church,” said Bishop Williams.

“So, we are inviting all of you to join us …We are not leaving church on Sunday, we are going to give God the whole day. I am excited, because of what the Lord has done … to God be the glory!”

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